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Jan 22

How to dress when you work in an advertising agency

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If you are not working in a traditional office, then maybe you work at an ad agency, design firm, startup, or perhaps some other office where casual is the new formal. In non-traditional offices, looking too dull can be a detriment, primarily when you work in an advertising agency that is image-conscious. If you thought that you could rock that usually suit, then it is essential to know that your style choices should not hurt the company’s bottom line. You should dress in a way that your outfit matches your workplace, shows your personality, reflect your position, and is relatable to clients as well. If you are wondering what to choose, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we have put together a few style tips for some roles in the ad agency. To learn about them, continue reading.


Dress Code for an Account Director

Deciding what to wear, as an Account Director, is going to depend on a few factors that may differ from agency to agency. When choosing what to wear, you need to dress to match your workplace. Is your ad agency more formal “suit and tie” or laid back and “business casual”? You should understand your agency culture and dress to reflect your position. For men, the best dress code as an Account Director is to wear a suit, tie, and a slim first dress shirt because he would be facing the client, and what could be more professional than a suit? If you want to check out the slim fit dress shirts, then you’ll definitely want to consider When it comes to female Account Director, she should choose an outfit that fits in anywhere. She can wear pencil skirts, silk shirts, and gold-tipped boots that will be perfect to go to a business meeting and then out in the city after.


Dress Code for The Creative

When you are in The Creative position, you want to make sure that you look put together and sharp all the time as you are always busy in agency meetings. Your dressing should tell that you are always ready to attend meetings or even an award show. The base rule for dressing like the creative is to wear black when in doubt. For men, the best outfit to go with would be black trousers, black shoes, black socks, and a well-ironed shirt as it always works. Similarly, girls can rock the entire black outfit as well. If you want to wear heels, you can go for it or can ditch heels by wearing casual trainers just like Victoria Beckham. You can also slip into a slinky hooded dress or wear jeans paired with a leather jacket, which will look just as fine.


Dress Code for a PR Person

The look for a PR person should always be stylish, powerful, and always on point. Yes, you want to look put together, but you don’t want to be that person whose clothing becomes part of the everyday conversation in the agency, right? Girls can choose a top to wear leather pants paired with heels and some accessories. If you want to take your looks to one step ahead, then you can pick a cream silk button-down with jeans and ankle boots. For men, the best option to choose is to go for business casuals.




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