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May 19

How to Invest Your Money Wisely to Guarantee a Profit

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If you’re business-minded and financially savvy, then investments are an excellent way to make yourself money. They can give you better returns for money that would otherwise be stagnant in savings, they’re not as complicated as one might think, you’re more likely to achieve your long-term financial goals with them, and they help your funds keep up with inflation. However, there are plenty of pitfalls you can fall into when investing. As such, read on if you want to know how to spend your money wisely and guarantee you reel in a profit with your investments.


Weigh up the Risks and Rewards

Of course, it’s safer to keep all your money in savings. However, the safe option isn’t always the best option. The interest you can make from savings is insignificant by comparison to what you could earn from investments. But don’t go splurging all your cash recklessly. You need to find a good balance between these two extremes. So, we recommend doing some calculation before taking the leap of faith into investments. This is often referred to as ‘risk vs reward’ – consider how much you could lose against how much you could earn. The latter should always outweigh the former.


Study the Marketplace and its Trends

To make a calculated decision, you need to be well informed. As such, it’s worthwhile researching the current marketplace. Consider what industries are thriving and what industries are failing; who are the pioneers of the digital age and who is becoming outdated. Moreover, it’s important to look to the future. What businesses are projected to dominate the market in 2020? For example, tech investor Tej Kohli predicts that artificial intelligence will be worth $150 trillion in five years, while Forbes thinks real estate investment trusts are the way forward for investors of the new decade. Whatever industry you pour capital into is at your discretion, but do ensure you’re putting your money somewhere prosperous, so you’re more likely to turn in a profit.


Careful and Considered Asset Allocation

There are three forms of assets. First, we have shares which are high risk and high reward forms of investment; second, we have bonds which are lower risk but lower reward; third, we have cash investments which are the safest whilst also providing the lowest return. By allocating your assets across the board, you can reach greater heights with your finances but also have a safety net to catch you should there be a massive fall in your shares. Therefore, it’s not only important to research what industries you’re going to invest in, but also to plan how you’re going to conduct your investments.

And there you have our guide on how to invest your money wisely to guarantee you make a profit. It’s all about calculation and finding a perfect balance between risks and rewards, between shares or cash or bonds. In doing so, you can walk the tightrope of financial investments and come out the other side as a successful business person.


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