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Mar 31

How to Send a Fax Using Email

Reading Time: 3 mins

Not too long ago, fax machines were so commonplace that they could be found in just about every office and even in some residential homes. The Internet changed all that by giving both the business world and average Americans a way to transmit documents quickly and efficiently without needing an analog connection. That said, there are still some circumstances that require sending faxes. 

Faxing is still the preferred method for remote document transmission in many fields. Healthcare facilities and financial service providers, for example, sometimes maintain legacy fax machines to maintain compliance with strict security protocols, while others have made the switch to cloud-based faxing. Either way, workers, clients, or patients who lack access to fax machines may all need to send faxes to these offices occasionally, which is where email-to-fax services come in. 

What Is an Email-to-Fax Service?

Transmitting faxes via email requires the ability to send emails to fax numbers. Anyone interested in both receiving and sending email to fax transmissions must sign up for a service that provides assigned toll-free fax numbers to users.  

Beyond the assigned fax number, there’s no need for additional software, hardware, or other equipment. Once users sign up, they can send faxes from email addresses using any mobile device, laptop, or desktop with an Internet connection. The email-to-fax service will take care of the rest. 

How to Send Faxes Via Email

The actual process of sending a fax via email is incredibly simple. It’s very similar to sending a normal email. Just follow these steps: 

  1.  Compose a message 
  2. Add attachments as needed 
  3. Address the email to the user’s fax number, @ the URL of the email-to-fax service 
  4. Hit send 
  5. Wait for the confirmation email 

That’s it. The recipient can then receive both the message and the attachment using either a traditional fax machine or a cloud faxing service, and the sender can view his or her fax history at any time via the service’s web portal. 

Are Faxes Sent by Email Secure?

One of the reasons so many businesses and organisations have made the switch to cloud-based faxing services instead of giving up on faxes entirely is that these services are known for their data security. The caveat here is that organisations that must prioritise security and regulatory compliance need to find services that do the same.  

An email-to-fax service that operates as a business associate under HIPAA will take all the same steps as a healthcare provider to protect patient data. Those steps generally involve some combination of advanced encryption, two-factor authentication, audit trails, and other security measures. The best part is that all companies that sign up for the service will be able to take advantage of the same advanced data security measures, even if they don’t operate within a highly regulated industry. 

Are There Free Ways to Send Faxes Online?

Receiving faxes online always requires signing up for a cloud fax service. Technically, there are ways to send a fax from an email address for free, but only if the fax is short, simple, and can contain advertisements and/or company logos on the cover page. Faxes sent via these free services cannot be guaranteed to be secure, either. 

Sign Up for a Reliable Email-to-Fax Service

Want to switch an office over to cloud-based faxing, but not sure how to get started? It’s easy to deploy email-to-fax solutions across an organisation. Just reach out to a reputable service provider for details about different corporate plans, sign up for the one that works the best, and start sending faxes via email the same day.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence. 


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