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How to stop losing money with the Motor Legal Protection con

Did you know that you’re probably being ripped off by motor legal protection in your car insurance premiums?

That’s according to automobile aficionado Lee Jones who is on a mission to save cash for every motorist in Britain with his unique money-saving website Free Motor Legal. 

“UK motorists are spending hundreds of millions of pounds on unnecessary car insurance policies every year,” says Lee, a lawyer from York. “It’s madness.”

He adds: “British motorists fork out £30 per year per car for Motor Legal Protection, an add-on policy routinely sold along with motor insurance policies, when they don’t have to. It’s just an extra slice of revenue for insurers. I’m passionate about ending it.” 

Here’s how you can save on motor legal protection.


what is motor legal protection?

Car crash

Motor Legal Protection is sold throughout the UK with a typical premium of £30. After an accident, it covers the insurer referring you to a lawyer to recover any losses you’ve experienced and compensation for injuries. 

But Lee – who grew up in the motor trade; his father is a mechanic and also built and sold racing Karts and his brother now works for Lotus – explains: “These policies are completely unnecessary and we need to question them.”

“I want motorists to join with me and save their hard-earned cash. Signing up to Free Motor Legal ensures they get those same legal services for free AND puts £30 back in their pockets.”


the 6,000% mark up on motor legal protection

Young man looking at insurance policy and calling for help after a breakdown

“Here’s what most motorists don’t know,” says Lee who has worked in the insurance & claims legal industry for 20 years. “The insurer or broker who sold the policy gets paid commission (marketing fees) or a share of fees from the lawyers for passing clients on to them (and from car hire companies). What’s more, the insurer never pays the lawyers for their services. 

“The lawyers get their fees from the insurance company of the party at fault. So the insurance company gets paid twice for doing very little. In fact, each policy costs them as little as 50p, meaning they make a mark up in the region of 6,000 per cent on each motorist.” 

“Motor legal insurance has been a gravy train for a long time. There are over 30 million motorists in the UK –  if each was paying that £30 per year per car – insurers could be making up to £900 million. It’s ridiculous.” These figures do not include vans or motorcycles, so the figure could be over £1 billion.


The FREE alternative to Motor Policy Legal

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Tens of thousands of drivers have already joined Free Motor Legal: membership costs nothing and drivers make repeated annual savings. They are completely free to choose any UK motor insurer for their regular motor insurance. 

“This means you can still hit the price comparison sites and get the best deals,” adds Lee. “You just don’t waste money on additional motor legal protection. We look after all motorists in England, Scotland & Wales and we only focus on claims arising in England, Scotland & Wales as that is where we can guarantee a free service.” 

For further information or to sign up go to

How does it work?

Free Motor Legal is the first free membership site of its kind.  Providing a full accident and uninsured loss recovery service, regardless of claim value.

Once you sign up, you can be a member for as long as you like – at no cost.

If you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you contact Free Motor Legal who arrange a team of lawyers to act on your behalf, exactly the same way the insurance companies would.  They also provide replacement hire car and manage repairs so the member does not need to claim against their own insurance policy and therefore no excess to pay.

The lawyers work on a no-win, no-fee basis so will claim their fees from the at-fault party’s insurer.  There is no deduction taken from any settlement, unlike most no-win, no-fee solicitors and claims management companies.

Free Motor Legal gets paid commission from some of their service providers the same way the insurance companies are – the only difference, it doesn’t cost the motorist anything as they didn’t have to pay the £30 annual premium.

Motorists will continue to take out normal third party or comprehensive motor insurance but simply don’t tick the box for add on Motor Legal Protection.

To sign up go here.

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