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How to use our free mortgage advice service

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Why, indeed should you use our fee free mortgage advice service, provided by L & C?

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage, or want to purchase a property to let out.   A broker can save you time, effort and most importantly money, by using their expert mortgage knowledge to find you the best deal for your individual circumstances.

Many people assume that this expertise will come at a cost, but if you choose a fee-free broker such as L & C, there aren’t any broker fees to pay at all.



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A broker will help you understand the mortgage process and will try and get you the best possible deal to suit your needs. They will start by completing a fact find with you to enable them to understand what your goals are and what options are available to you. During this process they will talk you through the different types of mortgages, i.e. fixed and variable rates, and together you will work out which product would be best for you. Once they have recommended a mortgage for you, your broker can then guide you through the application process, liaising with the lender to ensure your mortgage offer is produced as quickly and smoothly as possible.  

Try not to limit yourself to a broker who is tied to just one lender or those that can only recommend from a panel of lenders.  Instead look for a  broker who can search across the market, like L&C, who is not tied to any particular provider or limited to a selection of providers.

Even though all mortgage brokers get paid commission when they submit a mortgage application to the lender, some still choose to charge a fee. Other brokers, such as L&C, don’t charge for their service, they keep their overheads lows and a lot of their business comes from word of mouth referrals (like this) so they don’t need to charge a fee.  A particular deal would cost the same if you bypassed L&C and went direct to the (re)mortgage provider.  They may also be able to secure a better rate for your mortgage than if you went directly to the lender yourself.



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L&C won over 140 awards and used over 90 lenders last year.   So it’s not just us MoneyMagpie folk who like them.  



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There are loads of brokers and providers that we could recommend all of whom, including L&C, would pay us a fee when someone completes a (re)mortgage through them. We suggest L&C to readers because we like them best.

So if you complete a deal through L&C having found them on this page then you are not paying any more for your mortgage than you would if you went to L&C from anywhere else, but you would be helping Moneymagpie to cover its costs (mostly editorial and research staff – they’re jolly expensive as it takes days or weeks to fully research something that will save or make you some money!) If you’d rather not help Moneymagpie (and again it won’t make any difference to what the (re)mortgage costs you) then go direct to .

Anyway, if you’re happy with all of that then the next stage is to click on the tab below that applies to you e.g. “fixed mortgages”, “discount mortgages” or whatever. Each tab applies to remortgages as well as mortgages by the way.

The reason you are asked for this is because the whole field of (re)mortgages can be complicated. There are thousands of products (literally). So a human being has to talk to you in more detail about your circumstances. It really is the next logical step. Don’t be put off, remember:

So try this fee free, award-winning service now remortgage or get a new mortgage now.



So good luck – and don’t be surprised if we politely ask to talk to you about the process to see how easy/ difficult it was. (We like to keep an eye on the people we are recommending!)

Oh, and now the disclaimer bit…..

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