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Ice: The free rewards scheme with Mastercard® that unites them all

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The problem with loyalty cards?

Your wallet is filled with 15 different cards for 15 different loyalty programs.

You often have to pay to sign up.

You can’t have multiple rewards schemes on the same card.

It’s hard to keep track of your points.

Not with Ice. The new rewards scheme, set up by the ex-Managing Director of AirMiles, is free, uses your existing Mastercard® (absolutely any Mastercard credit card you might have in your household!), notifies you every time you’ve made a purchase to spend points (if you’ve got any) and get money off and doesn’t require any action from you to collect points instead. And it does all of this for FREE. We genuinely think this is a no-brainer if you own a Mastercard credit card.

Find out how to sign up below and enter our competition to win an iPhone X.

No extra card needed

Ice uses your existing registered Mastercard, so you literally just have to sign up and register your credit card, that’s it. No new plastic in your wallet, no new fees. Best of all, Ice works in conjunction with other offers and promotions you might already have tied to your card or offered by a retailer – it works on top of everything! Think of it like an extra layer of discounts which you add to your existing card.



get £5 worth of Ice points and win an iphone x if you sign up here

Better yet, if you sign up here and register your Mastercard credit card with promocode MAGPIE5 you’ll get £5 worth of Ice points in your account to spend straight away AND get entered into our competition to win an iPhone X.

How does it work?

To start getting rewards you need to sign up to Ice using the above link and register your existing Mastercard credit card. You can register as many of your Mastercard credit cards as you like. It’s simple to do and is completely secure.

Simply pay using your registered Mastercard at any of the participating Mastercard retailers online or in store and your transactions will be tracked by Mastercard automatically. Ice will then send you a text or email notification giving you the option to spend points against that purchase.

freedom to choose

You can spend and earn your points wherever you want in the programme. You’re given unparalleled rewards freedom.

If you want to spend just 1 point, then you can. You can also choose to collect points with one retailer and spend points with another retailer. You have complete freedom to choose how and where you spend your points.

When you choose to spend points the Ice discount will appear as a credit on your Mastercard statement once any returns period has expired. If you don’t spend points on a purchase you automatically collect points which means that either way you never lose out.

All points are worth a minimum of 1p each. However, every time you decide to spend points, Ice will double some points to be worth 2p each instead of 1p, so to get the maximum value from your points you can always spend just your double value points. Ice will always tell you how many points will be doubled in value when you choose to spend.


participating retailers

Ice works with 30+ retailers, in nearly 2000 in-store locations and online stores, covering eating out, holidays, entertainment and high-street shopping, including Harvester, Toby Carvery, All Bar One, Nicholson’s, O’Neill’s, outdoor adventure company Go Ape, River Cottage,, Principal Hotel Company, DFDS,, JoJo Maman Bébé and over 300 local gastro pubs.

Save the environment

Ice only partners with companies that are doing their bit for the environment. All partnering retailers are checked for their environmental impact. Here are a few examples:

Harvester are committed to improving farm animal welfare, sourcing traceability and reducing waste.

All Bar One were one of the first high street chains to remove plastic straws from their drinks with their ‘straws suck’ campaign.

JoJo Maman Bébé since the early days has always aimed to operate the ‘JoJo way’ valuing people and the planet above profit. They are a registered B Corp and run a take back scheme and use recycled plastics in their fleeces.

River Cottage Cookery School and Kitchens, spearheaded by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, offer locally grown seasonal and organic produce, local sustainable fish and are committed to zero waste and energy efficiency.

So basically you save money, save the world, and pay nothing to do so. Can’t find any drawbacks here.

what do mastercard say?

Jamie Samaha, Head of Mastercard Loyalty Solutions, Europe, backs Ice; “By utilising Mastercard’s Card Linked Services, Ice can bring this innovative loyalty programme to Mastercard credit card holders.  Following registration with Ice, cardholders can receive an extra layer of rewards on top of any existing benefits they are already receiving, whilst at the same time spending at some of the UK’s most environmentally-conscious retailers.”

We’re sold.



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