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Dec 18

Ideas for making money when travelling

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Travelling broadens the mind, but even on a shoestring budget, it can be expensive. One way to fund your travels is to pick up jobs along the way or generate passive income. This creates a revenue stream for you, allowing you to see more of the world. Hopefully, this is getting your creative juices flowing, and to keep this process alive, here are some ideas for you to make money when travelling and indeed to protect your budget.


Know When you Can Claim Flight Compensation for Cancellations and Long Delays

One aspect of travelling many neglect is what compensation they are entitled to should an airline’s performance be subpar. You should always keep in mind how something could go wrong and put your budget at risk: do research to find what to do in case of flight cancellation, and or long delays.

It pays to do research to find what to do in case of flight cancellation, and or long delays. Even just using a tool like Flightright, an online refund calculator software, can make the difference. You can find many of these websites that will point you in the right direction by telling you exactly for how much you´re entitled in case of flight cancellation. It could fund a few hostels stays and indeed another flight. According to FlightStats, nearly ten thousand flights are cancelled a week.


Deliver International Packages

In some countries, it can be impossible to get hold of certain products or it is prohibitively expensive. As such, there is a market for delivering packages in certain parts of the world. Some, simply don’t trust the courier services, especially if the package is of a personal nature. Using sites such as WorldCraze you can see if any of the deliveries coincide with your itinerary.


Rent your Home or Car While you’re Travelling

Another way to make money is to rent your car or home while you’re overseas. This is often utilised by many a savvy traveller, especially if they are planning to be away for a considerable amount of time. To get this up and running you need a friend or neighbour to hand over the keys and ideally, manage things should something go wrong while you’re away.

There are a few sites where you can list what you’re willing to rent. Turo and Airbnb being the most common.


Sell Goods Online

If you are travelling to remote parts of the world, it pays to shop for local goods and sell them on platforms such as eBay. The more unique and handmade, the better. You will find that there is a demand for most products. The secret is to buy low and sell high. Some have started a business from doing precisely this.


Sell your Photos and Videos

It is possible to sell your photos and videos of your travels. The competition is harsh, and the market is often dominated by professional photographers and filmmakers. Nonetheless, if your shots are good enough, you will be able to get a decent price for your images.

Many recommend selling images to Adobe Stock, Foap, and Shutterstock. If you have a GoPro camera, you can submit your videos to the GoPro awards which may earn you notoriety if your film does well.

There are plenty of ways to make money when travelling. Hopefully, these ideas will help fund your next adventure.


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