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Oct 22

Immediate Edge Expert Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Reading Time: 5 mins

Not all Bitcoin traders have the ability to handle the market for hours at a time. The Bitcoin market is always shifting, and the intense volume of Bitcoin and other similar currencies make it tough to monitor. But you can use the Immediate Edge program to handle your Bitcoin trades.

This Immediate Edge review will take note of how the platform operates. The system works as a trading robot system that monitors the market and completes trades based on notable shifts on the market. The setup is convenient and provides the best possible results every time you use the system.


What the Immediate Edge Setup Provides

Immediate Edge features a platform similar to Bitcoin Loophole and many other programs. It uses an auto trading approach that features a trading robot that monitors the cryptocurrency market. The system checks around to find the best deals in cryptocurrency. These include moves based on:

  • Recent price shifts
  • Sudden volume changes
  • Historical data on how the market moves
  • Ongoing news stories surrounding currencies, including points that might create a positive or negative impact

The system uses all these details to predict the most profitable and viable currency purchases. It buys currencies in less than a second and can do this faster than most other platforms. Speed is critical when handling these transactions, as it ensures a person can receive the best deal on the trade.

The best part is the trader will avoid slippage, an issue where losses take place when the bid or ask price changes following a trade. Slippage can be worth a substantial amount of money if not handled well, but the Immediate Edge system provides a better setup that works in moments.


How Does It Trade?

The trading that Immediate Edge completes works through CFDs or contracts for difference. The setup reviews Bitcoin currency pairs where the trader can benefit from price changes without buying currencies.

The CFDs include ones for fiat currencies like the American and Australian dollars. You can also find CFDs between Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ethereum, and many others. There are a few dozen CFDs available for use in this setup.

The CFD process opens the investment world open to more people, as it reduces the barrier to entry. You can start investing in Bitcoin pairs and trade those values on the market to earn some of the best values around.


How Reliable Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge promises some of the best profits in the trading industry. The company says at least 90 percent of the trades that take place here work out right. The point means you could earn thousands in weeks when you use Immediate Edge throughout the trading day.

The most reliable part of Immediate Edge comes from how it provides more details on what’s going on with the market. You can review live results of your trades and positions through the Immediate Edge dashboard. You will notice when these moves take place and how people will handle these transactions.

Some additional information can be found also here.


Working On the Go

It’s easy to handle your trades while on the go available through Immediate Edge. The system works on mobile devices through their browsers. Immediate Edge runs on the HTML5 language, ensuring you can read the data in more places.

Immediate Edge does not have any dedicated apps. You’ll have to use the mobile browser on your device to see it anywhere, but it won’t take long for you to load the content here.


How Do You Start Trading?

You can get ready to trade currencies with Immediate Edge in moments. You can use this by signing up at and then funding your account with at least $250.

The dashboard lets you secure your funds and dictate which currency pairs you want to support the most. Immediate Edge will use your parameters to dictate whatever trades will take place, giving you extra help managing your data.

It is easy for you to get an account approved through Immediate Edge. The system will check and confirm your data and then provide a response to your account in moments, providing a simple plan for work. You can get started trading these currencies in moments.

Start Trading NOW


Ideal Leverage

One of the best parts of Immediate Edge is how it provides more leverage for trades. You could potentially earn more on a trade when the leverage comes into play, but the total will vary by broker and the currency pair you utilize.

Trading leverage is available with brokers at rates of up to 4000:1. The term means a trader could trade $4,000 of a currency pair for every single dollar one spends. The extra leverage provides a better profit.

The leverage feature is a sign of the trust Immediate Edge shows to its clients. You will appreciate how Immediate Edge provides extra help in managing whatever transactions you wish to plan.


Can You Trade Yourself?

You can also produce manual trades if you prefer. People who have more experience in the trading market could execute manual trades, especially if they have information they know will be worthwhile for investment purposes.

The interface lets you add new trades or stop existing trades. The Immediate Edge system can also review what you’re doing with your account and plan trades based on whatever fits at a time. The convenient system Immediate Edge provides ensures your success when making your work run right.


Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

It is understandable if you are concerned about whether or not Immediate Edge is a scam. But Immediate Edge has proven itself to be a viable solution that works well for your trading needs.

Immediate Edge uses a secure approach to trading that keeps your data under control without being exposed to the public. The group also uses SSLTRust and GeoTrust systems to ensure the data for each person who signs in to the site is accurate and easy to confirm.


Final Verdict

Immediate Edge has an outstanding system for Bitcoin trading that works fast and provides better results. The user-friendly approach and the simplicity of handling trades through Immediate Edge make this a better choice for your investment needs. Take note of what makes this fit when finding something of value for your work needs.



What fees would you spend when using Immediate Edge?

You would pay small commissions for whatever profits you earn through Immediate Edge. The commission fees ensure the Immediate Edge platform can stay functional. But the total is a small fraction of what you would receive through a successful investment.

How often should you use Immediate Edge each day?

Use Immediate Edge once or twice each day to ensure your trading efforts are working. You can also use it for about twenty to thirty minutes at the start of the day to figure out what is coming.

How long can a trading session last while on Immediate Edge?

Trading sessions can last as long as you wish, as the currency market is open twenty-four hours a day. But Immediate Edge recommends its users end their trading sessions during off-peak hours. Trading outside peak hours would entail working during low-volume points where it might be easier for some people to influence the trading session.

How can people get their money from Immediate Edge through withdrawals?

You can withdraw your money with the same method you used when completing your deposit. Immediate Edge supports transfers to various bank accounts and online transfer accounts. It takes about twenty-four hours to complete a withdrawal transfer. There are no fees associated with getting a transaction to go through.

Do you require any prior experience in using Immediate Edge when using the platform?

You can use Immediate Edge even if you have never traded any currency in the past. Immediate Edge covers the trades for you and lets you know what the market is doing based on whatever investments you use.

How many positions can Immediate Edge use at once?

The number varies by how active the market is moving and how favorable and currency pairs appear. You could use Immediate Edge to trade five or more positions at once.

Immediate Edge can also trade these currencies in minutes. Sometimes the system holds a pair for a few hours, but it may also be traded in minutes if there are substantial changes in what might take place.

You can Join Immediate Edge from here


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