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Oct 28

InvestEngine: Investing made easy

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Looking to start investing? Want a better place to grow your money? Then check out InvestEngine an easy-to-use online service offering a choice of ways to invest in the stock market at very low cost. 

Whether you want to invest for yourself or leave it to the experts to manage your hard-earned cash, InvestEngine ticks a lot of boxes with a user-friendly app, access to your money whenever you want, and full FSCS protection for your investments.  

PLUS you get a £50 Welcome Bonus* when you invest as little as £100! 


Do-it-yourself investing or leave it to the experts 

With InvestEngine, you can be a do-it-yourself investor or rely on their experts to build and manage an investment portfolio for you. 

InvestEngine lets you choose from a range of quality approved ETFs (exchange-traded funds) which track the performance of stock markets, bonds and commodities like gold and silver. (If you’ve not heard of ETFs, don’t worry their low costs, simplicity and more predictable performance have rightly made them popular in recent years.)  

DIY not for you? Rather have a professional look after your investments? Then it’s  

InvestEngine’s low-cost Managed Portfolios service. 

Here, InvestEngine’s experienced investment team builds and manages a diversified portfolio of ETFs for you, based on your needs and how much risk you’re comfortable with. 

Sick of earning zero-point-virtually-zero interest in the bank? InvestEngine has managed portfolios offering incomes of up to 3.5% a year (estimated and variable). Prefer your jam tomorrow? Then have a gander at its Growth portfolios, managed for longer-term gains rather than income. 


Very low costs 

InvestEngine is cheap as chips! Its DIY service has NO charges for buying and selling investments and NO account charges (even if you want a tax-free ISA). NO set-up, withdrawal, or foreign exchange charges either. All you pay is ETF costs (which would apply on any investment platform). 

This makes InvestEngine DIY about as low cost as do-it-yourself services come (remember: the less you pay in charges, the more of your investment profits go into your pocket). 

With the Managed Portfolios there’s a management fee of 0.25% a year which is also very low for a ‘leave it to the experts’ service, equivalent to just £2.50 a year (less than 21p a month) on a £1,000 investment balance (as with the DIY option, ETF costs also apply). And if you want your Managed Portfolio in an ISA, it’s still just 0.25% with nothing extra for the tax-free wrapper.   


Easy to sign up, easy to use 

Signing up to InvestEngine is very straightforward via its website or free smartphone app. 

For the Managed Portfolios service, you complete a short online questionnaire that assesses your appetite for investment risk, then InvestEngine suggests a suitable portfolio. They do all the investment management, you get on with your life. 

With the DIY platform, it takes just a few clicks to choose your ETFs and create a portfolio for yourself. 

However, even as a DIY investor, you’re not completely on your own (unless you want to be)! InvestEngine DIY has some great features to help you with your investing and managing your own portfolio. 

Its smart top-ups offer an easy way to add to your portfolio based on your existing investment choices. A one-click rebalancing feature provides a simple reset to maintain the investment balance of your portfolio. And InvestEngine’s latest addition, portfolio look-through, gives you a full breakdown of your investments including by business sector and geography. Better still, all these features are free!


£50 Welcome Bonus for you!  

As well as ultra-low costs and helpful investment features, InvestEngine will even pay you to invest with them! New customers who sign up to InvestEngine DIY or its Managed Portfolios service by 31 December 2021 get a £50 Welcome Bonus. With a minimum investment of just £100 required, the words “no-brainer” and “yes please” come to mind!    

Sign up to InvestEngine today and get your £50 Welcome Bonus

*Ts&Cs apply, minimum investment £100


With investing, your capital is at risk. Investengine (UK) Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN [801128]

Please note this is a paid partnership between Investengine and MoneyMagpie.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.




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