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May 12

Is bespoke furniture worth the investment?

Reading Time: 3 mins

When it comes to our homes, finding a cost-effective solution to pricey renovations and décor can be tricky. Rarely do we want to compromise on style or function but getting furniture at the right price that also fits our personality has a reputation for being expensive. 

Bespoke furniture can be overlooked for this reason but how accurate it the assumption that bespoke means a higher price tag, and is it worth the investment for our homes?


Is furniture really an investment?

Furniture that has been well-crafted and made for a specific purpose will last a lot longer than a store-bought, mass-produced piece. Often, these types of items are made from cheaper materials in order to keep the overall cost down and because they’re not made with the same level of care, they can become damaged or unusable far more quickly. A bespoke piece, however, is made with more care and attention, and from more hardwearing materials that ensure your item will stand the test of time. 

Whether it’s a bespoke shelving or fitted wardrobes, personalised furniture is made precisely for your needs and therefore, it’s an investment that you’ll be able to treasure for decades to come.  

When you’re considering a bespoke item, you need to take into consideration more than just the upfront cost, whatever that price tag may be. Firstly, there is the durability of a piece that has been made to last. There is also the use you’ll get out of the item – a cheap product that you can’t use because it doesn’t fit the purpose isn’t worth the money, no matter how little you spent on it. 

Spending a little more on a personalised solution that you’ll be able to use to its full effect each and every day, and that will enhance your life, as a result, will always be worth the money you have invested. And furniture is just that – something that you spend every day interacting with, from the table you eat from to the shelves your store your belongings on. 


Improving the value of your home with bespoke pieces

One of the easiest but most effective ways of enhancing your living space and making the space in each area more valuable is through well-designed furniture. Bespoke items incorporate your style and the functionality you need it to have, so you can be sure that they will work best for your needs. 

But creating furniture with a designer also gives you the scope to be more flexible with the design, and that can be incredibly useful when it comes to awkward spaces in your home. Bespoke solutions allow you to fully utilise the space you have, large or small, to great effect. With a custom product, you have complete control over your investment.


How furniture impacts the sale of a property

If you’re considering selling your property or you simply want to add value in the future through wise design decisions, bespoke furniture is a great option. Made-to-measure furniture doesn’t just make your home more functional, but it can also add value to the property as a whole and increases the desirability. 

Storage solutions, media units and other custom features of your property make your home stand out to potential buyers, while also improving the look and refinement of the space. Items like wardrobes, in particular, are of great benefit in built-up areas such as major cities where space comes at a premium. 

To have a custom wardrobe that makes full use of the available space is something that buyers will be prepared to pay for. In investing in bespoke pieces that create a more elegant and luxurious look to your home, you’ll benefit from a greater value when you come to sell. 


Final thoughts

Custom-made furniture and solutions for your home are a great investment that pays off both in terms of functionality and efficiency, but also by improving the value of your home overall. With bespoke fitted furniture, you can tailor each piece to your specific tastes, needs and space for a solution that’s perfect for you, from the fittings used to the materials it’s made from. 

Furniture designed and crafted in this way allows for plenty of creativity, and while the items may take a little longer to produce than an off-the-shelf product, the results are well worth the wait.


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