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Mar 09

Is Insurance Attached to the Driver or the Car?

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Driving is a necessity that many people have to do on a daily basis. Whether you drive to work every morning or use your vehicle to bring the kids to school, you need insurance that is going to protect your family. One question that is asked often regarding auto insurance is whether or not it protects the driver or the actual vehicle. The answer to this question is relatively complicated and will vary depending on the type of coverage that is put onto the car that is being driven.


The Basics

In general, auto insurance policies protect the car more than its driver. For this reason, you will need to have coverage that is specific to damage to the vehicle as well as any damage that is done if the car collides with anything while on the road. Liability coverage is a must-have in virtually every area, and this specific type of coverage is designed to protect the driver rather than their automobile. In the event of a crash, liability coverage protects the driver whether they are the owner of the car or not. This is an important protective option that can help to reduce costs associated with being in an accident of any kind and the medical bills that might add up if you need to go to a hospital.


Understanding the Terms

While liability insurance is more based on the driver, comprehensive and collision are car-specific. This means that these options are designed to protect the vehicle rather than its driver. If you get into an accident or if your car has been stolen or damaged in any way, your insurance will pay for the costs of having repairs or replacements made. Both collision and comprehensive aren’t necessary when taking out a policy, but they are needed if you have a loan on the car. This is because your lender is going to want to ensure that the car is kept in good shape until it is paid off.


Obtaining the Right Protection

It can sometimes be difficult to know which type of insurance is right for you depending on what coverage options you need and how much you’re willing to pay. Thankfully, you can obtain occasional driver insurance quotes online and make your decision in just minutes. Comparing companies and choosing one based on prices and rates can make a significant difference in how much you spend each month just to drive your car. Your driving history will also have an impact on how much you’re going to spend on insurance. If you have a lot of past driving tickets or have been in multiple accidents, you can expect to spend more on coverage than someone with a cleaner record. If you do not currently have a loan attached to the vehicle, you might want to reduce costs by skimping on protection. However, it is important to note that if something were to happen to the car, you’ll be left responsible for paying everything out of your own pocket other than what your liability covers.


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