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Nov 06

Is the Earning Potential Still High in the CBD Industry

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More and more people are now exploring the use of CBD products, both for medical purposes, as well as for recreational purposes. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that CBD products have already entered the mainstream market ever since legislation regarding its sale and use are already eased out in various states and countries. Thus, you can now find various types of CBD products that you can choose from.

With this in mind, it can be deemed that yes the earning potential is still high in the CBD industry.


Growing Demand

One of the primary reasons why the earning potential is still high in the CBD industry is because of the growing demand for various CBD products. Statistics show that even in the year 2014 when CBD was only legalized in a few states, consumer sales were already a little over a hundred million. Now that more and more states legalized its sale and usage, the consumer sales figure has already tripled, which only proves the increasing demand for CBD products. Thus, as long as there is a significant demand for CBD products, then CBD manufacturers and distributors will never run out of business.


Online Shops

  • Manufacturers

Another reason why the earning potential is still high in the CBD industry is because of the advancements in modern technology that revolutionized various business models. Because of the emergence of the digital world, brick and mortar CBD shops are no longer necessary because CBD products can already be made available online. For manufacturers that need to maintain their cultivation plant, they no longer need to establish a different online shop for direct sales Instead, they only need to come up with a compelling website that they can use to reach out to distributors, as well as direct customers who are willing to pick up the products from their cultivation plant.

  • Distributors – White Labeled Products

For distributors, they have the option of going for a white label business model wherein their brand will be reflected in the products supplied by the CBD manufacturer. In this case, distributors can private label softgels, oils, tinctures, or edibles their brand, but they need to make sure that they source out the CBD products from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. In this way, they can protect their brand. Again, these distributors have the option of putting up a brick and mortar shop to sell the CBD products, although this is no longer necessary because they can easily set up an online shop for this purpose.

  • Distributors – Drop Shipping

For distributors who prefer a simpler business model, there is also the option of drop shipping. In this case, they no longer need a brick and mortar shop, or even a warehouse to store their inventories because they don’t even have to have the actual CBD products. With dropshipping, the CBD products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the end customer, but the distributor earns the whole profit for the sale. The only thing is that they will not be able to put their brand on the products.

With different business models that emerged because of online shops, the earning potential is still high for the CBD industry.


Product Variety

Finally, CBD products are no longer limited to those that need to be smoked or inhaled. Rather, CBD products already come in various forms such as oils, capsules, edibles, as well as topical solutions to name a few. This makes it easy for consumers to choose the CBD product that they need and consume it in a way that is comfortable for them. It is because of this product variety that more and more people are keen on trying out CBD products. For this reason, the earning potential remains high for the CBD industry even in the years to come.

Is the Earning Potential Still High in the CBD Industry

It can be deemed that the earning potential is still high in the CBD industry because of the continuously growing demand for the products. Alongside this, the advancements in modern technology also made it easy for entrepreneurs and manufacturers to start a business in the CBD industry. Add to this the product variety that is already entering the mainstream market, and you have a future that looks bright for the CBD industry.


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