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Jun 16

It’s time to get honest about life and saving during COVID-19

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For families and adults across the UK and wider world, the picture is the same: lives upheaved by a global pandemic. Up is down, left is right and many of us are looking to use this period as an opportunity to do better and come out healthy in mind, body and finance.

We do this for ourselves and for others, but it’s time to get honest about life during such a unique period in our collective history. Namely, that we should be kinder to ourselves and our efforts to pursue financial growth, wellbeing and stability.


First things first: It’s hard right now

It’s a great and commendable thing to try and rally you and your loved ones during COVID-19 and to plan better where money is concerned. For some, this is done out of necessity as work is challenged or cut off and savings dwindle. Government support is varying in speed and quality, requiring many to turn to families or a personal loan lender to get by in the months ahead. For others, it’s a choice to strive for excellence so that we can emerge from our homes ready to live life fully once again.

We can do this. In many cases, we must. What we can’t forget along the way, however, is that the challenges placed upon us by COVID-19 have created one of the most psychologically demanding periods in recent history. By necessity we’re isolated like never before and our routines that maintain and improve our mental and physical health have been cut off.

Our social circles and the ability to meet are profoundly important to our wellbeing. Studies have long linked social connectedness and positive relationships to having better mental health, physical health and a longer lifespan. It even makes our brains work better.


And that’s OK

What are we saying here? We’re saying it’s a good time to be kinder to ourselves. While it’s admirable to strive for an emergence from COVID-19 induced isolation as a titanic, superhuman savings machine who just happens to be in great physical shape, that’s not realistic. We’re all being tested harder than many of us have been in a long time if ever and it’s healthier to redefine what success looks like in recognition of that fact.

Beating yourself up mentally for not being perfect during one of the hardest periods of your life will accomplish nothing. If you’ve set hard targets for you and your loved ones, it might be time to reevaluate those goals into something more respectful of the times.


Observe yourself – it’s worth it

You’re probably going through a lot right now. In the real world, that means you might be struggling with your waistline and in avoiding impulse purchases. Instead of getting frustrated about these things, use this period as a time to step back and observe what stressors and triggers lead you to do impulsive things you know you shouldn’t.

These will vary from person to person. You might find getting up irregularly throws your whole day off, making it easier to browse Amazon for sales while you mindlessly eat or drink. Spending too much time in your bedroom? It might be just the place that puts you in a headspace where you work less productively and let other obligations in your life slide.

By using this period as an opportunity to evaluate your tendencies and habits, you can come out the other end of this pandemic armed with a more intimate knowledge of how your mind works – and what to avoid in your efforts to save more and live better.


That’s all, folks!

Financial excellence and the best for you and your family isn’t about being perfect. It’s about digging into your very human nature so that you can work around yourself as best as you possibly can. It’s about being realistic and kind to ourselves so that we can make the most of what we have and who we are.

It might not be superhuman and it might be hard to look in the mirror, but it’s one of the best things we can do to live a better life for ourselves and those we care most for.

We hope this has helped. Be safe and take care!


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