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Dec 03

Know and understand the signs: How credible is your online lender?

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In today’s world, the economy may fluctuate from time to time. Business owners must be prepared for anything that may happen to their business. Many companies have gone bankrupt while others are on the verge of it.

Though it is unfortunate for some businesses that couldn’t make it, others exhaust everything they have to keep their business running. One of the options businesses can choose from to generate additional capital is through business loans. With the right business loan, almost any business will prosper if they use the additional capital efficiently.

Business loans may be used to purchase equipment and machinery, provide continuous cash flow, or maintain business operations. Not only are these loans beneficial for current businesses, but also startups. Business loans are easy to obtain because there are plenty of lenders willing to help you. You can get it quickly, right after you qualified submitted all the requirements.

Before contacting a lender, you should first evaluate the needs of your business. Knowing this, you can see which type of lender is the right one for your business. Aside from that, before transacting with any lender, you must do thorough research and understanding whether that lender is credible or not.

Because of the many growing businesses, loan services industry has also grown. There are many fraudulent and fictitious lenders nowadays. Scammers typically fish out business owners, especially those who are desperate for a loan. Others even pretend to call on behalf of existing lending institutions to deceive business owners.

The bad thing about these scammers is it degrades the lending industry, including legitimate lenders because business owners become hesitant to transact with them. So, how will you know if your lender is credible?


Performs credit checks

Lending institutions that guarantee easy approval without you giving out any documents or doing credit checks is certainly fishy. On the other hand, if you have a poor credit history, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the opportunity to borrow from a credible lending institution.

Even if it is tempting to borrow from a lender that doesn’t perform credit checks, it is still an advantage to find lenders that perform it because you are sure that your potential lender can be legit. Any credible lender will always require a credit check. Through a credit check, your lender can review your financial history to know how risky you can be.


No Upfront fees

Credible lending institutions do not require upfront fees or down payment just to apply for a loan. Just like other services that request payment before service, if a lender asks for a down payment before you receive a loan, chances that you are dealing with a fictitious lender.

It should be clear that you should never send money to any lending institutions just to secure a loan in any type of circumstance. Even if the lender tells you that it is for processing or insurance, do not believe it right away.


Imposes clear and definite terms and conditions

Know and understand the signs: How credible is your online lender?

Before you apply for any loan, the terms and conditions must be clear and concise, and you understand it thoroughly. You must know the maximum fund you can borrow, how long is the payback period, or what other fees are associated with your loan.

A credible lender should help you clarify and understand every part of the agreement. Moreover, a credible lender tells you exactly the details and how much the loan will cost, including other charges. If the lender cannot clarify your questions, it is most likely a scam. The terms and conditions should also contain the loan terms, interest rates, and other requirements.


Genuine customer reviews

Even how desperate you can get to fund your business, you still need to be cautious when dealing with lenders. It is reasonable to check customer reviews before dealing with anyone, purchasing something, or availing the services of a company.

Customer reviews help you know what kind of experience you’re going to get and what to expect from it. It is best to take time to research and find legitimate lenders to find out as many information as possible to avoid becoming a victim.

A quick search on the internet can make a huge difference. You can find many ratings and reviews, both positive and negative. If you can’t find anything about that potential lending institution, chances are, it is a scam. You can find different customer reviews that can help you.


Has existing permits

All credible lending institutions are monitored by the United States Attorney General’s Office. The registration process help eliminates out the fictitious lenders and confirms the lender is credible and legitimate. The United States Attorney General’s office makes sure that these lenders are not doing any fraudulent practices.



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