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Oct 26

Lifehacks: Best Budgeting Tips for College Students

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Wow, what an amazing feeling to know that soon you will be off to college. All that freedom and independence to enjoy, let’s make sure that doesn’t come with hefty financial responsibilities too!

The best budgeting tips we have is to ask friends and family for any spare supplies and other essential items, however you can’t expect to get everything that you will need for the next stage of your adult journey. For this reason we have compiled a list of some of the best budget websites for you to browse so you can seek out the deals and tips most useful to you.

After tuition fees you will need to allocate your funds accordingly to make sure that you don’t overspend on purchases you won’t need, leaving you short for necessities, like food!

We added a couple of sites that will help to make a personal budgeting plan, either on paper or using an app or website, depending on your preference.

When it comes to shopping, we can all get a little over excited so make sure that you have a list of the things are are essential and a separate list for things that you would like, reading blogs from students can help in making this hard choice and although it may be a little disappointing if you can’t get everything you initially thought, there’s no reason why you can’t make other purchases at a later date.


Money Saving Websites and Budgeting help

1. Mybudgetplanner.com

Built by a programmer and a mother, this budget website allows you to create a plan tailored to your specific needs. Simply purchase the software for a low price of $19 and download to be able to track and control your incomings and outgoings. Unlike other sites it also has an important reminder setting for when you go over your budget! 


2. society19.com

Packed with money saving tips and useful images this site will definitely have you counting up all those saved pennies at the end of the year. It has basic craft ideas, like using ring pulls from cans to make double up hangers and other great storage ideas, not to mention a few ways to save on kitchen appliances with an imaginative cheat for making the fuel of study hogs, coffee!


3. u-fi.com

Current and written by an expert in student finance and loans, this article promotes how important it is that you think about your finances as they can impact your future heavily. It offers clear and reliable tips that can be followed in a step by step measure to ensure that you have included important factors into your personal budgeting plans.


4. BestBudget.com a budgeting website

Bestbudget.com is a comparison website for those looking to get a deal on the tech they need for their course. Providing expert tips and a three step search option to find exactly the right purchase for you.


5. Collegebudget.com 

CollegeBudget.com is an online shopping network.exclusively for college students, bringing you awesome discounts, from haircuts to half price days out and there are extra rewards for members, including textbook rentals and scholarship information.. They even advertise courses where you can get up to 85% off the course price.


6. nerdwallet.com

NerdWallet understands that paying rent and utilities on your own, usually for the first time can be a little overwhelming. That’s why they have published this helpful list of the top 9, most up to date and easy to use apps so that you can keep track of your spending straight from your phone. Many of them even link you to your bank to track spending in real time and save you the trouble of inputting the information yourself.


7. theclassroom.com

Possibly one of the most frequently asked questions from those starting out at a new college and certainly one that should be considered seriously. This short article answers this question thoroughly using experience from a background of teaching, educational program management and professional insurance to bring you the best tips and information.  


8. affordablecollegesonline.org

This article has loads of great tips to help those of you who are just starting out at college, it covers hints to lower your living expenses, cheap school supply cheats and great tips on how to save cash on entertainment and technological equipment.


9. collegemagazine.com

Places to go buy clothes while on a college budget. Not only will you not be able to pack enough for your entire time at college but, it’s fair to say you may need one or two new outfits for those wild (fingers crossed) nights out.

This post helpfully lists, in their opinion, the top ten budget websites and shops where you can find a great deal to suit all styles, as well as reminding you to check out the thrift stores and student discounts from local retailers.


10. Moneymagpie.com

At MoneyMagpie you will find the most current and helpful tips available on the internet, sign up and get a newsletter once a month that covers all you need to know.

They have useful articles on making money by advertising local jobs, saving money with tips and investment ideas and planners for managing your finances, all in one simple to use informative site. If you do sign up to their website, you have the amazing option of collecting ‘Magpies’, either just by visiting their website or completing questionnaires, the points you collect can be turned into real cash rewards!

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10 months ago

Could have done with some of these when I was a student!

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