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Managing your money when you move to the UK

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Moving to the UK is a dream for a lot of people. Others might not exactly plan it, but they can’t pass up a job opportunity or want to move to be with a partner or another family member. If you’re trying to plan a move to the UK, you’re surely aware that there are various costs involved. For anyone coming from the EU, no visa is needed (for now), but many non-EU people will have to pay high costs to obtain the visa they desire. Any way that you can keep the costs down can help you avoid spending too much.


Understand the Costs Involved

First, you need to know what sort of costs you’re going to be paying. You might need to cover visa application fees and legal fees, and that’s before you consider the expense of physically moving home. For example, applications for settlement cost over £1,500 and more than £3,000 for dependent relatives. Applying for indefinite leave to remain from within the UK costs over £2,300. Legal fees can be expensive, and some people may have to pay a healthcare surcharge to contribute to the NHS. It’s important to understand all the costs so you can budget appropriately.


Use One Service for All the Legal Stuff

Moving to and settling in the UK often calls for legal help. You might want help with your initial application, or you might decide to appeal a decision if you don’t get the result you want. When you look for immigration solicitors to help you, it’s often best to find one who can do everything for you. You don’t want to have to use several services, and you might want a lawyer you can use again if you ever need more help with immigration. They can help you deal with immigration authorities.

Moving home


Compare Moving Costs

The costs of physically moving to a new country can certainly mount up. Moving home is already expensive without having to move internationally. If you want to try to avoid overspending, you should get some quotes from different moving companies. If you need to move anything special, from pets to cars, you’ll need to look at some special moving options. It’s a good idea to consider what you really need to take with you too. Does it make more sense financially and practically to sell some things or leave them behind?


Creating a Budget for Your New Home

Moving to a new country will almost always mean needing to adjust your spending slightly. Before you move, you can compare how your current cost of living is likely to stack up to prices in the UK. However, it’s difficult to have a true idea until you arrive and can start tracking your spending. Take note of your major expenses, such as housing, and make sure that you cover those first.

Moving to a new country is always expensive, but you can manage the costs. Organize your spending, and you can be prepared.


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