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Mar 06

Maximize Your Camping Experience with These Camping Essentials

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Your camping trip will not get any better without having the necessary items within reach to make your outdoor adventure a memorable one. Therefore, choose the right things to take along so that you will not be in any sort of need when you are out in the bushes. See below for a list of items that every camper should take along when tackling the great outdoors. 


Camping tent

While in the backcountry, you need to have a covering shelter to keep you safe from storms, rain, and even the burning sun. Therefore, before you set out to go camping in the great outdoors, you should make sure to have in your possession a sturdy camping tent that can help take the ‘roughness’ out of the rough living you have to endure while in the bush. Choose a tent that can hold everyone in the group and not just yourself. Take for example: if you have a family of four, choose a tent that can hold four people comfortably. If you are camping out solo, then choose a small size tent that can suit your sleeping and living needs better.


Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is essential for your comfort while you are out in the wild. Instead of sleeping on the hard cold ground inside your tent, stay comfortable by resting on a snug and relaxing sleeping bag mainly designed for camping purposes. These bags come in various sizes, making it possible for you to sleep solo or with a companion. When using one of these bags to sleep into when out camping, the chances of you catching a cold is minimal.

Maximize Your Camping Experience with These Camping Essentials


Stormproof matches

Stormproof matches should be a must essential to have on your camping trip. They can light when wet and the fire will keep going for the first 15 seconds, even if a heavy wind is blowing. These stormproof matches will help you get a fire going even in emergencies without you having to waste time using lesser matches or a cigarette lighter to do the job.


Wide mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

Water is a vital commodity and so you need a container on the trail that can store your clean cool drinking liquid. The wide mouth BPA-Free water bottle is just what you need to do the job of keeping you hydrated throughout your entire camping trip. These water-storing bottles have been in use for over 20 years and are highly recommended by professional campers worldwide. Not only can you store clean drinking water in them, but you can use them as a storing item for your reconstituted foodstuffs such as your oatmeal, porridge, and even fruit juices as well due to their high resistance level which can go up to about 212 degrees. These bottles are essential camping accessories that help make your outdoor adventure a memorable one.


Portable grill

For great outdoor cooking and delicious meal preparation, having a portable barbeque grill is a must to beat. This cooking apparatus has all the features it needs to carry out a fantastic job and will leave no doubt in your mind that it can deliver. It is an awesome cooking friendly masterpiece to own and is good for camping outdoors in the great unknown. Portable grills are fully assembled and are safe to take along with you on your camping trips. Some even have the option to purchase a collapsible cart so you don’t have to rest the entire grill on anything.


Sportsman hatchet

Every camper should have a sportsman hatchet as part of their camping essentials for wood chopping purposes. When deciding on a hatchet to take into the wild with you, choose one that is solid and can carry out various other tasks apart from chopping wood such as digging latrine holes. Additionally, your choice hatchet must possess superb balance and not weak, so that when used in heavy wood cutting the head won’t fly off.


LED headlamp

For your lighting purpose, while out in the bush, the LED headlamp can help you see through the darkness. These headlamps are more convenient to use than a hand-held flashlight. No matter how far away you venture from your campsite and the sun goes down, you can find your way back easily by clicking the ‘on’ switch button found on your headlamp. This is a must-have device when considering going camping alone or with fellow campers.



A good compass in the wilderness can help you navigate your way and keep you from getting lost. There are various types of compasses selling on the market today. Take for example; some compasses have markings on them, thus making it difficult for you to get lost, a snap-lock lanyard so it won’t get lost and a fixed declination that points you in the right direction.


While you are in the woods, you can feel safe knowing that you have all the necessary items and equipment at hand. As you plan for your camping trip, make sure to bring along everything you need to make your outdoor adventure a memorable one.  



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