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Jun 23

Microsoft Office Compatible LMS: Everything You Need To Know

Reading Time: 3 mins

Microsoft Office is a great suite of tools. Thanks to its affordability and utility, tools included in the Office suite have been used by corporates since desktop computers became common in workplaces.

In fact, nowadays, even the employees have the Microsoft Office suite present on their personal computers. 

Thanks to this, skills used in operating the tools included in the Microsoft Suite have almost become universal. Employees don’t have to learn about new features or tools when switching jobs because there is a good chance that their new workplace is also already using the same tools.

However, this also means that there has to be an initial training program tailor to these tools. To deliver such a training, one would require a learning management system that is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has rolled out an LMS based on its early technology SharePoint. However, the LMS is geared towards educational institutions and has limited features that address corporate training. 

To address this gap, elearning industry came up with a list of Learning Management Systems with Office 365 integration, that can be used as alternatives to Microsoft LMS.

Now that we know what a Microsoft compatible LMS is, let’s look at the must-have features you must look out for, in your new LMS:


Features To Look For In A LMS With Microsoft Integration Capabilities:

When you are looking for a Microsoft compatible LMS, these are the features you must look out for:

  • The LMS should be accessible for your extended enterprise. Some LMS vendors may charge an extra fee if your extended enterprise isn’t already using Microsoft Dynamics.
  • The LMS should offer the ability to assign and track courses by role or any other group association that you should be able to customise.
  • Many organisations require custom reporting when it comes to tracking learner progress. If yours is one of them, make sure the LMS you choose can produce custom reports.
  • Similarly, make sure your LMS offers administrative features that allow for partial or full access to employees and learning administrators.

Besides these, make sure your LMS offers any other features that may be of importance to your organisation.


Top Three Microsoft Compatible LMS:

BrainCert Enterprise LMS 

Many LMS that are geared towards Microsoft compatibility are designed to cater to a very small set of needs. 

This is where BrainCert stands out. The LMS is perfect for any kind of training needs and offers many features that are specifically designed to create immersive learning experiences. 

BrainCert is also backed by a great support team that will help you with implementing the features and customising the reports of your course curriculum. 



Looop is a product that is stripped down of bells and whistles. The company claims that their product only offers features that are designed and proven to improve the effectiveness of training, and the efficiency of training administration.

Geared for busy L&D departments and entrepreneurs, Looop allows learning administrators to automate a lot of their responsibilities, including sending out training reminders. The LMS also offers custom reporting and can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office.


Learn Amp

Learn Amp has positioned itself as an employee experience program but still offers robust training capabilities.

From employees to customers, the LMS offers training administration capabilities that facilitate all sorts of training needs.

For Microsoft integration, the brilliant and highly rated support team of Learn Amp will be more than happy to assist you or your team.



A Microsoft LMS can turn out to be an extremely powerful addition to your employee training arsenal. However, this is only true if you choose the right tool that suits your needs.

Still got questions? Drop them in the comment section and we’ll give you answers.


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