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Nov 17

Moving abroad after the COVID-19 pandemic: How to make the move smoothly

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Find out more about moving abroad after the COVID-19 pandemic in this article from Cigna Global.

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Until recently, a pandemic was something that happened in history, when there were no drugs or vaccinations. Months later, and COVID-19 has now spread across the globe, approximately half the world population is under lockdown, economies have ground to a halt, and life has completely changed. Everyone has had to adjust during the COVID-19 crisis, including companies, organisations and workforces all across the world.

Uncertainty is part of pandemic life. We can’t help thinking life is not normal, and expecting it to revert to the old days of work, home, family, friends, leisure time, not the big all-in-one it is now. Isolation is a new cause of stress, as is worrying about loved ones – and the future.

There’s no doubt that relocating abroad involves a great deal of planning and preparation. As you plan your relocation and start sorting out different aspects of your new life, you come across many boxes to be ticked, and once you’ve arrived, the list of errands continues.

We have gathered this list of tips to help those looking to move abroad post the COVID-19 pandemic:


· Engage with your new community

The best way to settle in abroad is to go out and share with the locals. Get inspired about how much you can learn about the culture, attend events, participate in community meetings, try out new sports or local activities; it will all help you to adjust and feel at home in no time.


· Keep doing the things you love

Trying new things and engaging in activities with your new community is important to adjust to your new environment; but doing the things that gave you great satisfaction back home are equally as important. Look for ways to keep practicing the sports you love, or navigate online to find out about groups or places to go in order to keep your hobbies alive.


· Explore new places

One of the greatest things about being an expat is that you can turn any day into an adventure – explore your surroundings to discover what they have to offer. You can always visit new places nearby and find out about new shops, museums, parks, or anything that excites you.


· Look after yourself

With all the complications involved in travelling and sorting your relocation, it can be easy to forget about your health and wellbeing, but try hard not to neglect this essential part of your life. Looking after yourself will keep you healthy and mentally strong towards the new changes.


· Keep in touch

It’s very common for most expats to miss their social network and find difficult to assimilate that they live far from their loved ones. Staying in contact with your friends and family at home can give you some comfort while away. Be sure to make use of the many tools and new technologies that facilitate getting in touch with your friends and family, and try visiting them when possible.


· Keep an open mind

Adjusting to a new culture can take time. You may find that attitudes that are popular in your home country may not be well received in your new location. It’s not a case of right and wrong. A respectful and open-minded approach will help you to understand the cultural differences and embrace the change.

Moving abroad after the COVID-19 pandemic: How to make the move smoothly


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Ian Gardner
Ian Gardner
10 months ago

You dont need Medical Insurance if you move abroad!!!! You just pay into the system over there in the new country. You may still be covered in your own countries medical system. Its basicly too comlicated to answer in a few lines so the above artical isn`t quite true. Save your money before getting that medical insurance!! But still a good artical to get this topic noticed and thought about.

10 months ago

Good advice on moving abroard in these times.

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