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Must-Have Bike Accessories for Every Rider

Moneymagpie Team 11th Nov 2022 No Comments

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Choosing the right gear can seem overwhelming and complicated if you are just starting with bike riding. You might begin to think that cycling is an expensive hobby the more you hear of the supposed must-have accessories for biking.
However, after reading this article, you will know that although some gears might be expensive at times, you just need to do proper research to know which items you need. The types of equipment we will cover in this article are the ones that are essential to ensure the longevity of the bike and your safety as well.


Amongst the bike accessories we will cover, the bike helmet is non-negotiable. It might be legal to ride without a helmet in your city, but protecting your head is essential. It’s common for experienced riders to get wiped out. There is no way to control the actions of pedestrians or animals that you have to encounter during your ride.
You must select a bike helmet that goes well with your riding style and matches your head’s size. When picking out a bike helmet, you need to remember that recreational bike helmets are a more affordable option if you are a casual cyclist. On the other hand, mountain bike helmets are great for keeping you safe in a backward fall as they offer excellent ventilation and coverage for the rear of your head. When it comes to swift travel, road bike helmets are more appropriate as they are aerodynamic, lightweight, and have good ventilation.

Good Quality Riding Shorts

It is best to invest in good-quality riding shorts when you rent a bike for a long day of riding. The ones with better quality are designed, so they move with you. This way, you don’t need to be bothered about chafing and rubbing if you have miles of repetitive exercise. Your backside can easily get sore from a long day of cycling, so cycling shorts have padding that acts like a cushion between the saddle and your backside.
If you don’t think of yourself as the riding shorts type, there are various styles for men and women when it comes to cycling shorts so you don’t have to worry about committing to a full cyclist look. With all the choices, you can easily find something that goes well with your look, ranging from casually loose-fitting riding shorts to sporty bibs that have in-built support.

Cycling Gloves

There are quite a few reasons why gloves are a must-have accessory for bikers. Your hands are protected from accidents if you wear gloves; they are also known to protect your hands from blisters and friction. Cycling gloves also protect your ulnar nerve, which runs through the palm of your hand. Placing continuous pressure on this nerve creates numbness throughout the entire hand. Cycling gloves address these issues as they come with padded palms.
Cycling gloves can be found in all types for women and men, and plenty of them are available in stores. When buying cycling gloves, be sure to check the webbing between the index finger and the thumb. Get the ones in which the webbing is loose enough so that you can comfortably grip the handlebar. It shouldn’t also be so loose that the material gets scrunched.

A Hydration Pack or Water Bottle

When it comes to ensuring wellness while cycling, a hydration pack or bottle is just as important as a helmet. While on a mountain trail, running out of water is not just an inconvenience; it can also be dangerous. You have to take three gulps of water at least every twenty minutes. Your water needs will vary depending on how strenuous the activity will be.
You can have a water bottle cage on your bike carrying an insulated water bottle if you are a casual cyclist. You should carry a reservoir if you are planning to head out on a mountain bike.
You should always choose a bigger hydration pack than you anticipate you will need. It is not required for you to fill it all the way. Just ensure that you don’t regret buying too small a pack when you want to challenge yourself with rides that are longer distance-wise.

Reflectors and Lights

Nowadays, there are numerous ways to illuminate your bicycle when you are in the market for bike reflectors and lights. A few popular types are pedal strips, spoke reflectors, and LED lights. No matter which one you pick, you have to be careful that they are in line with the local bike laws. It is permissible to add more lights after you have the minimum the law requires. You can do this by keeping in mind your night time riding conditions considering the ambient light and balance of shadows.

Bike Lock

As you are investing a lot of money in buying your bike, it doesn’t make sense if you skimp out when it comes to security. You must have a lock for safety, no matter your bike type. Choose your lock carefully, keeping in mind the level of protection required for your area. A cable lock will suffice if your area falls in a low crime zone. If theft is more prevalent in your area, you should go with U-locks or chain locks.
If you rent bikes regularly instead of owning one, you must also lock them for safety. Conveniently, many bike rental shops provide the locks themselves with the cycle; you just need to check beforehand if you will get a lock with your bike. If not, be sure to get a lock for yourself if you want to avoid being stuck with the bike replacement cost in case it gets stolen while rented out to you. You can also get your bike insured in case of theft.


Cycling is more common now than ever with most people using it for daily commutes. The list of bike gear and accessories are also equally popular, making it challenging for you to determine which ones you actually need within your budget. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the topic and helped you decide which gear and accessories to get first. Have a great time riding your cycle being equipped with the right equipment and accessories.

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.

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