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National Children’s Day: The round up

Isobel Lawrance 15th May 2023 No Comments

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Sunday 14th May 2023 was National Children’s Day. This day is all about the importance of a healthy childhood, as well as the need to protect children and young people, and their rights and freedoms.

According to National Children’s Day UK, not only is it a day of celebration, but also “a great opportunity for everyone who cares about child and family wellbeing to shout out about what they are doing”. It’s a day to raise awareness and funds for the projects they are running or the things young people care about.

So, to honour this day, we’ve rounded up some of our best articles. From children’s books to teaching your children about money, here is our National Children’s Day round up.

Why investing in children’s books could be better than gold

Here’s a quick guide to making money from your old children’s books and maybe even starting a little investment business on the side. Read now.

Great ways to invest for your children

If you want to invest for your children, it’s a lot easier than it used to be. There are plenty of tax-efficient options that help you save for your child’s future – including pensions for babies. Read now.

8 ways to teach your children about money

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can teach your children of all ages about money, and how to make it something fun and interesting they can engage with. Read now.

Start your child’s financial education young

Financial literacy means understanding not just money, but how it works. How to manage income and expenditure. So how to budget, how to save and invest, how to avoid debt. Becoming financially literate is something that starts – or should start – in early childhood. Read now.

How kids can make money

Want to keep your kids entertained this summer without spending a penny? Help them get a summer job! Kids can make money in all sorts of ways. Read now.

Teaching kids about the value of money

Good money habits set you up for life and help you keep on top of your finances. We believe this is particularly important with children. Read now.

Child modelling – money making hobbies for your kids

Child modelling is a huge market these days. Many advertisers, working in print and broadcast, look for children and babies to promote their products and services. While the earnings can be impressive, there’re many pitfalls to watch out for too. Read now.

Easy ways to make your children rich (in the future)

You might be wondering how you can possibly invest for your children now. Don’t panic! Child Trust Funds weren’t the most money-effective way to save for your children. We’ve got some better options for you here. Read now.

How to help your kids develop and entrepreneurial mind

Every parent hopes they have a genius on their hands, let’s be honest! But what if you could encourage your child’s brilliant mind to get them started early in life with an entrepreneurial attitude? Read now.


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