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Apr 29

Online Gaming – The Ultimate Side Hustle

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Online gaming offers welcome escapism from daily life. However, your gaming endeavors can also be turned into a lucrative income stream. From monetizing YouTube channels to making money by becoming a Twitch Affiliate, there’s no shortage of ways you can turn your passion for online gaming into a profitable side hustle. Below, we explore some of the best ways to boost your income while indulging your love of online gaming.  


Online Game Testing

Game testing gigs have always seemed too good to be true, but there’s a real market for enthusiast gamers looking to put new titles through their paces. A full-time game tester position will usually secure an annual salary of around $60,000. However, these generous benefits are usually reserved for in-house positions. Thankfully, you don’t need to be based within commuting distance of a major game design company to earn money as a tester. Many game developers are now offering remote opportunities for entry-level testers. Although you won’t be pocketing big bucks, you can still bring in a healthy side income every month.  


Launch Your Own Gaming Blog

If you’re an aspiring gaming fan with an appreciation for gaming, you can combine your two great loves into a potentially profitable side hustle. Many amateur writers can use blogs to bring in a nice revenue stream every month. If you’re serious about turning a profit from a blog, you’ll need to be producing content consistently. You’ll also need to actively monetize your blog. Setting yourself up as an affiliate marketer is an easy way to do this.  

If you’re writing reviews of new releases or providing in-depth walkthrough guides of your favorite games, you can place associated ads on your blog pages. Every time a reader clicks on one of those ads and makes a purchase, you’ll be entitled to a commission. If your readership is small, you won’t be making huge sums of money. However, as your reader base grows, so too will your commission-based income.  


Rake in Advertising Revenue from a YouTube Channel

If you’d rather produce videos rather than text-based content, creating a YouTube channel is a great way of turning your obsession with video games into a money-making side hustle. Provided you have access to reliable internet access and can record in 1080p, you’ve all you need to start creating compelling YouTube content. Obviously, you’ll also need to have a fairly focused idea of the kind of topics you want to cover.  

Fancy yourself as an esports commentator or industry insider? You can use a YouTube channel to reveal the latest tournament news or industry updates to huge audiences. Follow the latest LoL developments and CSGO live at 1337 Pro before drafting up scripts for your content slate. To make serious money with YouTube, you’ll need to attract large audience numbers. Word of mouth can only go far in generating interest. In order to attract as many viewers as possible, you’ll need to embark on some shameless self-promotion. Leverage all of your social media channels to increase inbound traffic to your YouTube channel and don’t be afraid to reach out to existing YouTubers for shout-outs and collaborations.  

Your main income stream via YouTube will be advertising revenue. Generally speaking, 1,000 YouTube videos equates to around $18. This might seem like a paltry amount, but if you can build your audience and generate daily views of around 50,000, you can look forward to monthly earnings of more than $4,500. Another way to earn some residual income is to offer channel memberships. However, to justify charging for access to your channel, you’ll need to be offering exclusive perks and benefits to paying viewers.  


Score Big Bucks as a Streamer

Finally, we move on to streaming. If you’re looking to earn money as you play, this is, without doubt, the best way to do it. The go-to platform of choice is Twitch. There are literally millions of gamers making use of this platform, with a significant proportion of them bringing in a steady income every month. Monetizing Twitch content is relatively simple. However, as with YouTube, how much you earn is determined by the number of people viewing your content.  

Offering subscriptions to your most devoted viewers is one way of generating a steady income stream. What’s more, those who favor your content can provide you with additional revenue in the form of tips and gifts. If your audience is particularly impressive, you can also think about running ads. You’ll need to become a Twitch Partner to run ads on your stream. To avoid deterring your viewers, you’ll also want to be careful about how you integrate ads. Ultimately, it’s your content that will be bringing viewers in time after time, so ensure you’re not detracting from it. 

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence. 


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