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Open the gates for buyers: 6 kitchen improvements that will sell your home

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Kitchens sell houses. It’s as simple as that. Home buyers are suckers for a show-stopping kitchen and are much more forgiving about other parts of the house if the kitchen dazzles.

It’s really not that surprising since modern living has made the kitchen the heart of the home. Kitchens are no longer just a place to prepare food, they now double up as entertaining spaces and living spaces too.

Well designed, multi-functional kitchens are at the top of the home buyers list of must-haves when it comes to finding the perfect property. Some kitchens even have a nook for a home office included in their design providing a space for kids to do homework and parents to catch up on admin.

For kitchens to truly wow, they need to be aesthetically fabulous and functionally brilliant. To get your kitchen up to a standard that will draw in the buyers, you absolutely must make sure your kitchen has these 6 things:


1. Modern, spacious storage units

According to a collective group of 34 estate agents, property professionals and designers, the number one kitchen feature that adds most value to a property is spacious and modern storage units. If your kitchen units are looking a little tired, it could be those that are putting buyers off. Renovating your kitchen could improve the value of your property by around 6 per cent and attract the buyers you are looking for.

German kitchens are the most sought after, largely because they have a reputation for innovative designs and are built to last. The demand for German kitchens is growing all over the world. German kitchens aren’t cheap, but they are an investment that will definitely add to the value and appeal of your home.

Keep the inside of your kitchen cupboards and units tidy and let your buyers explore the wonders of your spacious kitchen storage. It is sure to wow them as much as the kitchen style.


2. Quality appliances

Don’t compromise on the quality of your kitchen appliances. Buyers will be looking out for the most stylish and modern brands in kitchen appliances, such as Siemens, Gaggenau and Miele.

Kitchen designer, Halcyon Interiors, also recommend appliances are positioned ergonomically for ease of use in the kitchen. Buyers will be looking for functionality in kitchen design as well as style. You can have the most amazing appliances in the world in your kitchen, but if they aren’t fitted seamlessly into the kitchen design, they can lose their appeal.

Open the gates for buyers: 6 kitchen improvements that will sell your home


3. Premium features and fittings

Additional features, such as a Quooker or Grohe hot water tap, are sure to impress buyers. In fact, hot water taps are becoming an essential in the kitchen. Savvy home buyers are well informed about the latest innovations in kitchen appliances so be sure to do some research and consider installing some premium extras.

Ovens with pyrolytic cleaning are definitely an eyebrow raiser. Miele do a great pyrolytic oven that turns all fat splashes and food residues into ash, which can be wiped off without a trace.


4. Update kitchen lighting to the latest trend

Kitchen lighting can make a huge difference to the look and style of any kitchen. Tired light fittings won’t be showing off your kitchen in its best light. Forget track lighting and fluorescent fixtures. They are so yesteryear. Update with a modern statement chandelier, cool industrial or brass pendants (brass is the breakthrough lighting trend this year). Check out more kitchen lighting ideas here.



5. Forge an entertaining space

Formal dining spaces are out and with kitchens continuing to claim the hot spot for entertaining spaces in the home, they don’t look set to return anytime soon. It’s well worth setting up your kitchen to incorporate dining and entertaining space. It’s what buyers will be looking for. Zoning areas in the kitchen is the perfect way to make the best use of space. Grand Designs have some great tips on how to design a kitchen space for entertaining.


6. Wow with floors and surfaces

Updating a tired kitchen floor may be all you need to do to lift your kitchen out of the ashes of despair. The materials you choose for your kitchen floor and for the work surfaces are important and can elevate your kitchen to a stylish space without the costs of a full kitchen renovation. Your kitchen floor needs to be practical, but it certainly doesn’t have to be dull.

The same goes for work surfaces. The worktops you choose need to be both durable and good looking. Don’t be tempted to skimp as most home buyers won’t be fooled by cheap laminates. Find out more on choosing new worktops here.

The question is, if you make all of the above improvements to your kitchen, will you still want to sell your home? Perhaps it was just a new kitchen you were looking for after all.

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