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Apr 07

Pixoomer – the photo diary that could be a game changer!

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Do you struggle to keep a diary?

Find it hard to remember dates?

Or maybe you think old-fashioned diaries are just a tiny-bit boring?

Then you need to hear about Pixoomer, a personal photo diary with a digital presence! The founder came up with the idea seven years ago when he was struggling to find a photo on his iPhone. At that point he decided to create a website which does the reverse, allowing you to add photos to any specific date.


What does Pixoomer do?

Pixoomer - the photo diary that could be a game changer!One of Pixoomer’s main features is being able to upload images into your calendar with a clever little reminder service on the app. As our lifestyles get busier, it’s harder to keep track of everything (‘When are your bills due?’, ‘When is your next MOT’, ‘What’s your mother-in-law’s birthday, again?!’), so what’s better than having an app that will be on hand as a constant reminder accompanied by a photo. We all connect more with a picture, so it just makes sense.

Pixoomer really can help you manage the crazy realities of 21st Century living. For example, right now people are receiving paper invites for their COVID vaccinations and most of us want to make sure we don’t forget – with the Pixoomer app, all you need to do is take a picture of the invite, upload it, set your alert, and you’re good to go!

There are fields you can fill in such as Tags, Location, Phone Number, Email, and Notes (in case you wanted to add a website address, for example). All the fields are clickable so there’s no need to copy paste – just click on Location and Google Maps will start navigation for you!


Pixoomer can save you money!

Yes, you read that right, Pixoomer can also help save you money – and that’s the part that particularly interests us.

Where do you file all your bills and how do you keep track of them? Rummaging through an old folder filled with important documents can be a real pain! Why not upload all your bills into the Pixoomer app instead, with a note reminding you how much you pay each month?

This way all your information is just a click away – especially useful if you’re on the phone to customer service and they want a reference number (there’s nothing worse than not being able to find your number after being on hold for ages.)  A picture of your letter will be saved in your diary!

How many times have you looked at your statement and realised the mortgage/Sky/BT renewal started on a higher rate, and can you find that confirmation email? Let Pixoomer handle that admin task and remind you to get a more competitive quote (and we all know shopping around is a great way to save money.)


How does the Pixoomer app work?

The designers have incorporated three ways you can browse and view your photos.

First and foremost, ‘My Diary’ where the images are placed into a calendar like format with a prominent double-sized image to let you know when the next reminder is coming up.

Secondly, they have added an Instagram type of ‘Homepage’ feed to instantly allow you to see newly added posts by a click of a button.

The third and final way is the ‘Reminders’ which display any shared items, friends and all your posts that have a reminder.

You will be able to create Tags such as Appointments, Bills, Car Insurance, MOT, Birthdays, Dentist….the list goes on. These Tags will help you to group and locate your posts, and they’ve even added a calendar marking the dates with visual dots helping you to find everything you need.

So don’t delay! Download your 6 month FREE trial and let Pixoomer help you manage your lifestyle!


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Joanne (@joanne-edwards)
7 months ago

Seems like a good app.

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