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Promising cryptocurrencies to trade with in Spring 2018

Cryptocurrencies have had a busy few months with the massive spike in the value of Bitcoin in December and the subsequent fall in price in January.  There is still a lot of interest in trading in these new currencies, but people are looking for options away from Bitcoin itself.  So, what are some of the promising cryptocurrencies to trade with this spring?



Ethereum is second on the list for most people when it comes to well-known cryptocurrencies, although it is still in the shadow of Bitcoin.  However, several industries have started to realise the potential benefits of using Ethereum, and this means its value could increase significantly during 2018 making spring an excellent time to begin trading with it.  One of the big draws is that Ethereum offers quick transactions at a lower price point than rivals and this makes it appeal across industries.



Ripple is already gaining some devout fans but is often said not to be a genuine cryptocurrency compared to Bitcoin.  Instead, it is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network. The focus towards the banking market, real-time settlement, and low transaction cost means it has real-world applications.  Big names such as Santander, American Express, and UBS have already become involved with it.  This shows that there is an urge to work with professional, credible and stable cryptocurrencies within the banking industry and Ripple is a popular option for this.



Litecoin is said to be the world’s 5th most valuable digital currency and has seen strong growth already this year.  It is another cryptocurrency that offers speed of transaction and lower fees than Bitcoin, and these are factors that investors are looking for.  It has also been at the forefront of a number of innovations and is close to offering lightning network and atomic swaps.



One of the most significant problems for cryptocurrencies is that users find few offline opportunities to use the currencies and this limits the usefulness of them.  Dash is already showing itself as the potential solution to the problem.  It allows you to conduct transactions instantly and is completely private.  It has a very high-security level with over 4500 servers around the world and transactions can be performed at any point in time.  Experts are predicting its value will more than double by the end of the year, so it is already proving a great option to try.



Neo was created with the aim of building a smart economy when it was founded in 2014.  It digitises various assets and ensures these asset transactions are done with the help of smart contracts.  It is already seeing growth in terms of transactions taking place and is one that not only looks promising for this year but has an impressive forecast for the next five years.  Some experts think it will go from the current price of $130 to around $1275 within a five-year span.


Trading in cryptocurrencies

More people than ever are trading in cryptocurrencies or using them to invest money.  There are still some key ways to increase your chances of success with them.  You can capitalise on investments as the price rises or falls and make use of platforms that offer plenty of advice and information to get ahead of the competition.  You also need to be sure that the platform is secure for your transactions.

Wilkins Finance Crypto Trading offers a great place to conduct your trades, whether you want to stick with Bitcoin or try one of the other promising cryptocurrencies.  Create a strategy that works on a user-friendly, secure platform today.



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