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Promising ICOs to Invest in For Spring 2018

After a bumpy end to 2017, the cryptocurrency world is already starting to rebound and recover, and this year sees more new enterprises than ever before looking to secure funding through ICOs.

Initial Coin Offering Advisors are putting forward their recommendations for projects of interest; so, if you’re looking to invest in ICOs this spring, here are just 4 promising projects to look into.



CoinMetro comes with a certain amount of pedigree; its founders are Forex broking giants FXPIG. The project is intended to be an entry-level cryptocurrency exchange aimed at the novice investor. The team hope CoinMetro will make purchasing and trading altcoins as simple as any other online purchase.

More than just an exchange, CoinMetro boasts some unique features, such as the ability for users to create their own tokens, the value of which is based on their own performance as individual traders, and which can be purchased by other investors.

Other useful tools for the rookie investor include CDAD (Curated Digital Asset Diversification) in which a diverse range of coins can be purchased in bulk, allowing new investors to expand a portfolio quickly and with the minimum of fuss.



RightMesh is a Canada-based company creating a new tech framework and protocol that it promises will connect users across a wireless mesh network. This ambitious technology creates new options for connectivity for established internet users, but also intends to reach out to billions of users around the world without an existing connection – in effect forming a pathway that leads to universal Internet access.

The decentralised nature of RightMesh’s blockchain technology means that ISPs will be a thing of the past, with each individual part of the network helping to support the rest. This means that access to the net can be safe, secure and, above all, permanent; even in situations where access can be disrupted by environmental conditions or oppressive regimes.



Cappasity is an exciting new development in virtual reality and 3D rendering software. Using this platform, artists can create 3D models suitable for use in VR applications and users can buy or rent them, as they wish, using the system’s own cryptocurrency to run the blockchain. Each new file (a newly rendered 3D object for instance) is assigned with a hash, or an ID designation, and inviolably linked to the blockchain, so there can be no copyright infringement. Buyers will be able to make requests for bespoke items on the platform, again paying for them through the system’s own currency.

It means that the best 3D artists in the world will be able to display their wares to companies and organisations across the globe, and know that their creations cannot be stolen or utilised without them first receiving payment.



Rentberry shows the versatility of blockchain technology by using it to offer a seamless rental experience, not only from initial viewing to inhabiting the property, but also from one property to another. The multitude of steps one must take and hoops one must jump through to rent a property will be fully automated by the platform, easing the experience for both landlord and tenant alike.

It can be used for short term and long term rentals, as well as residential, commercial and land rent agreements, with smart contracts being verified as part of the blockchain, so all legal rights and responsibilities remain viewable in their original format.

As well as streamlining the application and legal process, Rentberry will also allow rent payments to be made through its blockchain, as well as records of inspections, damages, repairs, and maintenance.

These are but four ICOs that have caught experts’ eye, but industry experts predict that 2018 will be the year of the blockchain as more and more industries cotton on to the potential benefits of this unique technology.



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