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Feb 19

Quality vs Quantity: Is Your ICO Listed on a Quality ICO List?

Reading Time: 3 mins

It is quantity over quality, right? You want as many people and bots to see your ICO listing and rating as possible – who cares about the quality of the ICO list, right? This seems to be the prevailing attitude of most ICOs in the crypto space.

Yet, the importance of being listed on a quality ICO list must not be underestimated. This doesn’t take away from the importance of having as many eyes as possible on the listing of your initial coin offering (ICO), but why allow short-term gain to cloud your judgement at a cost to long-term gain?

It is important to step up your game if you wish to be taken seriously by heavyweights such as accredited investors and serious influencers in the crypto space – those who have the power to influence the crypto community. Like rogue waves, they have the ability to suddenly appear and “sink” your ICO if you rub them the wrong way. Having your ICO listed on low quality, scam ICO lists is one way of ensuring that your ICO get noticed for all the wrong reasons.


Quality ICO List

What is meant by a quality ICO list? Now the aim is not here to dive in so deep that we scrape the skin off our foreheads – or worse. With this in mind, make yourself comfortable – kick out your shoes, grab a cold beer, a cup of coffee, a mug of Glühwein or whatever tickles your fancy. Let’s touch upon what determines the quality of an ICO list. In no particular order:

  • Is inclusion on the list free? Are ratings free? Any payment asked to be included on a list should be frown upon. Inclusion should be free. Payment for the boosting of a listing higher up on the list in terms of visibility is fine. However, quality is negatively impacted if they charge a fee or accept money or anything of value in exchange for a rating (or bribes for that matter). Such practices tend to cloud judgement and lead to ratings that are pretty much worthless – scam ratings.
  • Are ratings included on the list or not at all? Not all ICO lists include ratings. Quality gets a boost if impartial ratings are included as a whole or in part. In terms of the latter, it simply means that not every ICO on the list are rated. You might think this impacts negatively on quality, but the opposite tends to be true. The reason being is that impartial listings that are properly done take a great deal of time. Now of course, it is certainly a plus if you can get such ICO listing service to rate your ICO without resorting to paying a bribe or anything along those lines.
  • Is there an option to list tokens by type (e.g. app token, voucher token, currency, stable coin, utility token, privacy coin, equity token, security token)? The option to have tokens listed by type certainly reflects positively on the quality of an ICO list. It provides a filter that can potentially shed more eyes on your ICO listing and/or rating.
  • Are ratings thumb sucked or the result of an impartial ratings system? The use of an impartial ratings system made up of anonymous crypto experts can positively impact the quality of an ICO list. On the other hand, “thumb sucked” ratings are nothing short of scam ratings that impacts negatively on quality. Your ICO might benefit over the short-term from such ratings, but once the truth surfaces, your ICO will be floating in the cesspool – head down. In fact, you could personally end up in jail or worse. Nobody likes to be scammed, not even scammers.
  • Are listings and ratings presented in a standard format for easy comparison? The easier it is to m דake like-for-like comparisons by scrolling up or down on the ICO list page, the better.
  • Is information pertaining to restrictions (e.g. country restrictions) included? It is important that restrictions are listed as it save time. E.g. if residents of country ABC are restricted from participating in your ICO, why waste their time? Quality gets a boost when restrictions are included. This sort of filtering can benefit your ICO both ways.
  • Is the ICO listing service willing to make corrections when requested to do so? ICO lists are not immune to human error. When this happens, the ICO listing service’s willingness to correct errors can certainly have a positive impact on quality. On the other hand, if an ICO listing service is more than willing to “fix an error” in exchange for payment or a fee – quality takes a neck breaking dive. It is important for an ICO listing service not to give in to illegitimate requests to have ratings fixed that don’t need fixing.

To conclude: If you wish for your ICO to be taken seriously, you know what the smart thing is to do. Get it listed on a quality ICO list.


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