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Sep 17

RoFx Review – Profitable Personal Forex Trader for Beginners

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RoFx expert adviser is a personal forex trader for you. It was developed by a group of skilled software developers and traders in 2009 to help traders earn profits. Since 2010, the EA has helped a large number of traders to be successful, even if they lack formal trading knowledge or experience. Here is an honest review of RoFx EA after researching and considering forex robot review tests.


Price for using the EA

You can purchase the offer package for this robot according to your requirements and convenience. RoFx provides three types of packages that are basic packages, no lock packages, and advanced compound packages. The price rates are displayed in the images below –




Useful features of RoFx EA

There are many useful features provided with RoFx EA, such as –

  1. Easy trade: Trading with RoFx EA is easy due to the convenience of a short-time investment for thirty trading days.
  2. Return of funds: You can get back your funds at any time after investing in them.
  3. Transparency: RoFx maintains complete transparency. There are no hidden fees.
  4. Deposit security guarantee: Amends are made by the reserve fund of the company.
  5. Minimum risks: RoFx EA is famous for being a ‘no loss forex robot.’ It can block trading with the minimum loss with its stop-loss system.
  6. Daily profit: A huge benefit of using RoFx is that traders can gain an advantage at the end of each profitable day.
  7. No leverage: There is no leverage on RoFx as it trades with its funds and customers’ funds only.
  8. 24/7 support: Clients can contact the support team of RoFx 24/7 via the live chat.

    RoFx Review - Profitable Personal Forex Trader for Beginners

    RoFx Review - Profitable Personal Forex Trader for Beginners

Why Trading with RoFx is more Profitable?

The developers of RoFx claim that trading with RoFx is more profitable than doing it on your own. The advantages of using this EA are –

  1. Amateur-friendly: Forex trading is complicated, and it takes time to learn. Every trader requires specialized knowledge to be able to analyze the market, which comes from many years of trading experience. However, with RoFx EA, you do not need any of these. According to stats, there is only one percent of novice traders who become successful traders without using an EA. RoFx raises the rate of successful trades.
  2. Excellent trading strategy: With the help of the best-automated forex trading strategy, traders can skip the trial and error method and move upwards the ranks faster.
  3. Minimized emotions: Traders often get stressed and emotional by challenging market conditions and huge losses. However, it is essential to be emotionless and logical to avoid making wrong decisions. With the help of the fully automated forex trading system of RoFx, you can trade with minimized emotions.
  4. No impact of human errors: If you want to analyze and predict on your own, mistakes are inevitable. However, as RoFx operates on the algorithmic forex trading platform, the impact of human errors is eliminated.
  5. Consistency: Traders can be consistent by trading with the automated forex trading system.

However, all of these are the claims of the developers. We need to check for ourselves if this EA is beneficial. To do that, we need to check out the trading results of RoFx on the Myfxbook trading account. There is a chart on the account where all the stats are displayed, but how would you know if the chart is reliable?

First, look at the top right corner of the chart. The track records and trading privileges are verified. Moreover, the stats of the trading records are open to see. The account has not kept anything hidden, except for open trades, open orders, and exposure. Lastly, the chart is updated only 12 hours ago, which is very recent, which indicates that the results are real-time. So, this chart is reliable, and we can trust the stats.

Now, let us proceed to the stats. RoFx started trading with a deposit of $10000000 on July 30, 2018. It has earned $58496811. There has not been any withdrawal, so the account balance at present is $68496811. The gain and absolute gain of the account is +584.97%, with daily and monthly of 0.26% and 8.07%, respectively. RoFx has maintained an impressive 100.00% of equity. The drawdown is also very low; it is 0.35%, which indicates the reliability of the robot. The profitability of RoFx is very high; it is 82%.

RoFx Review - Profitable Personal Forex Trader for Beginners

The chart shows excellent results, and this huge growth has taken less than two years. So, it proves that RoFx can produce great results in a small period.

You can view the other charts of trading, advanced statistics, and trading activity on the same page. All the stats are open, and it maintains the transparency throughout the page.

RoFx Review - Profitable Personal Forex Trader for Beginners


After taking a look at the trading results of the RoFx Myfxbook account, it can be concluded that this EA is reliable and profitable. So, you do not need to hesitate to use it. However, it cannot be downloaded. You will need to create a free account on the website, and then you can purchase a package and start trading.


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