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Saving big bucks during a big move: A story and advice

A story from one of our US writers:

Moving from apartment to apartment is a relatively easy challenge that won’t cost a lot, because you can probably get by with a truck or a small U-Haul. But, when you’re making the shift across the state, or country, then you hit a point where things can get costly.

My move from Central to South Florida cost nearly $1,500 after it was all done.

I now realize there were plenty of ways to save money during the move. I was later able to take advantage of this knowledge when I moved back up North.

What did I do to save?


The “It’ll Be There” Mentality

I believe some people take saving money and frugality a little too far.

There comes a time when it makes sense to pay a little extra so you aren’t always replacing things, but you should know when to replace something so you’re not dragging it along on the move.

This was my “it’ll be there” mentality.

There’s no shortage of big retailers, online listings, and thrift stores in most areas. If you don’t have an attachment to the item, you can save time and money by selling it off and using the cash to pick it up in the new location.

Since plenty of people are doing this – you’ll find great deals.

It saves a ton of money because you have less bulky items to bring along, meaning you’ll spend less on the moving costs. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to donate or sell items you no longer want while you’re doing a pre-move cleaning.


Quality Movers

Long distance moving is quite hectic and stressful.

It’s not only about the time, but that there’s so much you need to coordinate between when you leave the old place and when you get to the new. There’s that in-between where you feel a little lost.

If I had done better research, I would have done things different on the first move.

The local company I hired was an absolute nightmare – they:

·  Broke items

·  Arrived hours late

·  Insulted us

They seemed like two random dudes that rented a truck.

Plus, they tried to get extra money after it was all done claiming they weren’t paid in full.

I learned my lesson quick and cursed myself. I would have gone with a reputable company like North American Van Lines that has professional staffing and etiquette. The type that takes care of your items, has insurance, and shows up on time, ya know?

These experienced companies are great on their pricing because they’re so competitive. The extra manpower and moving supplies saves on trips to stores. Plus, less downtime from work, which is a money saver vs having to use a personal day to get the move done.


Moving “Hacks”

I helped a buddy of mine move from Florida to Washington.

We got rid of and sold off a lot of his stuff before the big move which kept the load light. But, what made an interesting difference was shipping some of the boxes.

Turns out it was cheaper to send two of the heavy boxes through UPS than if we would have bogged down the car even more and lost on the gas mileage. I would suggest trying something like this, especially if the items are fragile, or if you’re short on space and can’t justify using a shipping carrier.

A few other helpful things that saved money during the move were:

·  Meal prep to save on eating out (microwaves at the motels!)

·  Hiring professional cleaners for around $100 for a big clean (and not losing the deposit)

·  Writing off some of the moving expenses in taxes

·  Tethering the phone vs paying hotel WiFi

It really made the move easy and enjoyable.

What ways have you saved on your big move?

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