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Jul 29

Small Home Improvements That Increase Value

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One of the main reasons why you would want to do home improvement projects is to add comfort to your home. But aside from that, you can also add value to your home. While everyone can benefit from home renovations and upgrades, people who have plans on selling their properties sometime in the future will benefit the most.

Today, when we hear home improvements, most people would think that they’ll need a large sum of money. While it’s true when it comes to some projects, you can improve your home’s value without spending too much. In fact, it could be that the less money you spend, the more value you will get. One of the main goals is to increase the curb appeal for your home for future resale plans. So what are some small home improvements that you can do to increase your property’s value? Some of these include painting your home, building a composite decking, landscaping, and updating your lighting.


Painting Your Home

Paint is cheap and readily available. You also don’t necessarily need contractors to do the job. You can do it all by yourself. So how does a simple task such as painting your home increase your property’s value?

The main reason why it adds value to any property is that it increases the curb appeal of your home. For instance, if you’re selling your house, many people will view it. To appeal to most people, consider using neutral colours such as greys, whites, greens, and blues. These colours will attract most people, regardless of their preference in style.

Paint can also significantly affect a room’s appearance. It can even make it bigger or smaller. For instance, using dark colours in a big room will make it look cosier and smaller. On the other hand, light neutral colours will make small rooms bigger.


Building a Deck

People will always want to follow the trend. And many sources say that people now prefer outdoor living spaces more than ever. So to add value to your home, consider home improvement with composite decking.

Why composite decking? Composite decking materials may be on the more expensive side. The truth is, you may spend up to 50% more compared to a traditional wooden deck. But the benefits of owning a composite deck makes up for its higher initial cost.

How can a composite deck increase your home’s value? The reason is prospective buyers will want it more. For instance, many people will prefer low-maintenance decks. Many will want an and outdoor floor that can last for decades. And surely, many want a wood-like deck.

Home improvement with composite decking may be on the more expensive side. However, you can recoup 60-70% of the cost of installation. That number is significantly higher than other, more expensive home improvements such as kitchen remodelling or adding a room.


Landscaping and Gardening 

As previously mentioned, people will want a yard or an outdoor space. And what’s an outdoor living area without a garden? You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional landscape artist or a gardener to create a beautiful garden. All you need is the right tools and some imagination?

How can you improve your yard? Aside from building a deck, consider covering the garden in lush grass. If you’re living in a busy place, people will want an easy-to-maintain garden. If so, you may want to consider other low-maintenance alternatives such as fake grass, carpets, and rugs. You can also create areas of mulch to decrease the grass area.

Of course, what’s a garden without flowers? Go with low-maintenance flowers such as perennials and evergreens. Native wild plants are also excellent choices. You can also place planter boxes.


Upgrade Your Lighting

Most newly-built homes will often sport builders’ grade light fixtures. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it won’t attract attention from your future buyers.

Like paint, proper lighting will have a huge impact on rooms. For instance, a softer and dimmer light can set a relaxing and calming mood, perfect for relaxation areas. On the other hand, bright lights set a fun, energetic, and active mood, perfect for study rooms and living areas. You can also set multiple types of lighting so that you can use them according to the situation. For example, if you wanted to create a room for streaming you could invest in a custom neon gaming sign to hang behind you whilst you broadcast to your viewers.

These are only a few small home improvements that increase value to your property. Not only do they add resale value, but they also add comfort and leisure to your home. So next time you decide on doing a home improvement project, make sure to consider doing some of these.



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