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Feb 14

Smart And Practical Ways On How To Start Up Your Own Business

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Everybody needs a side hustle. Whether it’s to pay off some extra bills, or to save up for that brand new smartphone, having a business gets you to learn all the basics of how to make money in general. Most people sit in their cubicle and stare at YouTube videos featuring millionaires who found “the new fast way to make money.” Most of them are charlatans. But what they do have to offer is the fire for you to make your own business. But, how? How can one fit in all the things you need to do in order to start a business, while at the same time doing that nine to five and attending to the kids and partner? Well, that’s totally up to you. You have to make the time. Albeit, not as much time as you think you need. If you’re going from not having a business at all, then you can take your time in the first stages to figure out what it is you want. Here’s a quick and dirty guide on how to come to some good conclusions. 


Fill A Need

The first thing you need to find out is what your community needs. What is lacking from the everyday experience of your peers that you’ve seen done somewhere else? This fills the crucial “what” while figuring out how to start a business of your very own. For instance, if you go to a small town anywhere in the continental United States (like King City, California—hint, hint), you’ll find that they don’t have an all around web-based delivery service like Postmates. There’s no website you can go to in order to get what you’re craving at strange hours. If you’ve got extra time and a means of transportation, you can be that delivery service.


Fill Out The Forms

Once you’ve got an answer to “what” you’re going to do, find out if it’s a viable business with City Hall. Talk to people in your local government and chamber of commerce. They’ll be more than helpful, especially if it’s a product or service they’d like to avail from. Figure out what kind of paper you need and what kind of collateral you can put up for the initial funds—if you need it. Using delivery as an example, you may need special permits, but you may not need extra capital. It’s a give and take. 


Sell, Sell, Sell

If you’re looking to be in business, you need to brush up on your sales skills. Sales is the cornerstone of all of the business. It turns every practical, impractical, unique, and even dumb idea into a reality. You can get anything done with the right sales strategy. So whether you like to go hard line selling or straight line selling (the highly effective technique coined by the infamous Jordan Belfort) the primary way you’re going to get anything off of the ground is with refined sales skills. With that, the world is your oyster. 

Starting a business is more intimidating than it is hard. There is this idea that you have to quit your job and sell your house for your dreams. That’s not the case. Anything can be a business. You just need to find out what people want, get all the permits, and start selling. 



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