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Nov 16

Smart Tips for Making Huge Money from the Vacation Industry

Reading Time: 3 mins

Back in 2019, the US Travel report showed that domestic and international travelers spent over $1.1 trillion traveling into and outside the US. Over 9 million jobs were created and more than $180 million was generated in tax revenues as a result. 

This stat is just for the United States. Other countries, which are tourist hotspots, would reap similar or marginal financial gain from the vacation industry. As a businessman, how do you maximize profit from the increasingly booming industry?

Business ideas


Post-pandemic and the Vacation Industry 

The vacation industry, although it got a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is now back. People are getting visas to travel abroad and enjoy few weeks or months in luxury. 

Some are even booking flights with plans to leave before the end of the year. Making money from the vacation industry may be a considerable investment. It’ll be profitable if you consider these tips:


  • Create an Amusement Park

Regardless of where you are, constructing an amusement park can do you some good. The park could be filled with family-friendly attractions, something lovers of Disney characters will enjoy, or a magical fairyland kind of theme. 

If you live outside America, many Americans miss their homeland when abroad, and having this recreate the feeling of home for them would be a thrilling experience. You can even add themes of magic in the likes of Harry Potter movies. All these combined with musical entertainment, thrill rides, and delicious foods can earn you thousands, if not millions, every year.


  • Build a Hotel

Many business owners already consider this the most important investment. This is because every tourist wants to enjoy their vacation by staying in the best environment possible. They want to live in a clean environment, enjoy the sight at the hotel’s location, and enjoy good food. Having a hotel is a great way to invest in the vacation industry, and you can even start a casino.

Whether you’re in Europe, Africa, Asia, or elsewhere, luxury hotel accommodation is a great way to attract tourists. All you need is to couple your luxury hotel accommodation with excellent customer service and good food. You can even build your hotel close to natural parks, monuments, museums, and other places tourists often visit.


  • Offer Restaurant Services

As a businessman, you should know that different cultures meet at a tourist hotspot. Some want to enjoy the same kind of food they have in their homeland. Others want to try something new, something different. You can start a restaurant with a menu from different cultures.

You need to ensure that the menu is from the cultures/peoples that frequent your target location. If you want to add a Japanese food menu and Japanese people don’t visit your country as often as Indians do, you may be at a loss. You can also attract tourists when you build your restaurant close to the attractive places they often go to.


  • Offer Rental Services

Some tourists don’t like taking public transport when they’re abroad. They prefer having a car of their own for the time they’ll spend there. Some even want to own a small space for the few weeks or months they’ll spend to save on hotel costs. 

You can start a rental service when you notice high demand for cars, motorcycles, home/accommodations, TV sets, and other home equipment and gadgets. You only need a good reputation and a quality campaign.


Last Word

All these business ideas require efficient campaigns to gain customers. You can’t access customers if you don’t put yourself out in the media. These ideas can fetch you money as soon as you start, and you can start reaping profits within a year of launching the business. Maximizing these ideas, however, requires that you understand the market. It’d be best if you also were smart about your target location.


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.


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