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Jun 17

Some common mistakes the traders do in the market

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Making mistake is pretty normal in the Forex market so don’t overthink it. Losing is also a part of trading as without losing in a few trades you can’t trade profitably. Even the pro trades make mistake in their trades but they never lose hope instead try to improve their trading methods. You should always keep your focus on improving your trading methods, strategies, and skills. The successful traders remain successful as they always keep learning and improving their trading methods. In this article, you will know about some of the common mistakes the traders do.


Being emotional

This one of the common mistakes the new traders do, whether they trade out of greed or in fear of losing. And for this emotional trading, they always end up losing in the trades and later regrets. You can’t always win in the trades so try to deal if you face losses in the market. You won’t be able to stay in the long run if you trade being emotional. If you trade frequently out of greed to make money faster remember that it will only lead you to lose. And the same result will be for trading out of fear, any sort of emotion is bad for your trading journey.

Getting emotional due to some losing trades is very common. You can’t say you can control your feelings unless you have years of experience. Even the top traders at Rakuten brokers often find it hard to deal with the losses.


Going for bigger trades

The naïve traders jump for the higher trades when they win in a few trades and this turns over their trading journey. You should never jump for the higher trades unless you are pretty sure that you will be able to win in the trade. Many traders assume that by placing for the higher trades they will be making more money. But in reality, trading for the higher trades has both the chance of winning more and losing more. So if you can’t afford losing then it’s not a good idea to jump into the higher trades.

Search for the keyword Forex trading Australia and you will find many educational resources. Soon you will realize, majority of the retail traders are losing money since they don’t have the skills to deal with the complicated nature of this market. Being a rookie trader, you should not aim for big trades. Try to execute trades with small risk so that you can fine-tune your trading method without getting stressed.


Place the stop-loss correctly

Stop-loss is known as the savior for the traders, if you can set the stop-loss properly in the trades then it will always save you from losing. Stop-loss reduces the chance of losing in the trades if the traders know how to use them appropriately. To make profits in the Forex market you should set the stop-loss in 1:1 ratio for the trades. It’s not even a tough tool in the market if you can understand it once then it will always help you not to lose more.

Placement of the stop loss might seem easy but it is a very tough task. You have to be cautious about the support and resistance level. Once you become good at analyzing the support and resistance, it won’t be tough to manage the losses at trading.



To avoid making mistakes in the trades you must learn and understand all the tools and factors of the market. Without knowing and understanding properly about the tools you won’t be able to trade profitably. There are many other mistakes the traders do in the Forex market but the above ones are the common ones. You should keep your focus on the market so that you don’t end up making a mistake. And even if you make a mistake try to learn from the mistake so that you don’t repeat the same mistake.



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