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Sep 25

Specifics And Opportunities Of Marketing In The Field Of Fashion Business

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Currently, the global market for women’s clothing has a huge number of brands, similar not only to the proposed range, but also on the price policy pursued by companies – manufacturers of fashionable clothing. In this regard, in order to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to conduct an active marketing policy. It should concern both the formation of the assortment and pricing, product promotion and sales stimulation. This fact determines the specifics of marketing in the fashion industry, as without a properly built marketing policy, many brands of women’s clothing can leave the market, and not having time to become truly recognizable.

Fashion marketing became widespread in the second half of the 20th century. This time has generated a huge number of different styles and trends in the world fashion, which has become one of the most prosperous industries.

Fashion has finally turned into a socio-economic phenomenon, not only reflecting the changes taking place in society, but often initiating them. Fashion marketing helps to ensure interaction and contacts with the buyer, to draw his attention to the proposed clothing, shoes and accessories. Marketing contributes to the buyer’s combined perception of the proposed fashion items, complementing the visual contact with strong emotional and often rational arguments.

At present, the market of fashionable clothes is formed by two main industries: textile and sewing. The volume of world trade in these two industries is estimated at about 350 billion dollars. In the volume of commodity resources of these industries the share of imports in 2019 was 33%, and in 2018 – 34%.

Fashionable clothes – a kind of public jacket, which allows all to declare the inner and outer world of its owner, thus performing the communication function of the individual with the world. Marketing strengthens it, paying special attention to design, design and manufacture of clothing, development and implementation of new materials, patterns, computer programs, high technology. The human factor is very important – the skill of fashion designers, designers, fitters, tailors, models, etc.

Undoubtedly, the fashion industry is highly competitive with a large number of target audiences, where each company seeks to win and maintain its market position. Here, the marketing tools must be selected with special precision, as the consumers of the fashion industry have very differentiated taste.

It should be noted that with the ever increasing competition in the fashion industry, the question of possible instruments used to win and hold market positions remains open. Modern ideas about marketing as a business engine and the possibilities of its use in the fashion industry as a leading tool to promote the development of the company’s activities are based on the following postulates. Within the framework of the complex of marketing activities for the structures operating in the market of fashionable clothes, it is rational to apply the 3P concept.

Product: sales management of fashionable clothes lines in stores selling such goods. This principle assumes the relationship of demand forecasting, the availability of fashionable clothes for the consumer (availability in stock, representation in the showcase, etc.) in order to further build customer loyalty to the brand.

Promotion: specifics of marketing communications in the fashion world. It implies the formation of customer loyalty to the brand of a particular garment by initiating the image of the consumer with the presented products. It can be reached with the help of great content, that a company like may write for you. In addition, foreign companies performing marketing research, for example, use the procedure of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of potential consumers in order to identify secret desires and reactions of the person for further building communications. Thus, for example, today many stores use background music (most often it is jazz or latino) to impose hidden messages that are not perceived by our consciousness, or it is enough to remember the scents that fill hotel rooms, cars in the car showroom, where the seductive smell of leather interior of an expensive car is just a special spray. According to some data, companies that use such tools to attract consumers are increasing their sales by more than 15%.

Price: it is very important for the fashion industry to build an effective pricing policy, taking into account such factors as “price for a new collection” or “seasonal discounts”. It is necessary to keep in mind buyers who are sensitive to the price, not due to the economic situation, but for psychological reasons. As a rule, models from the “new collection” are characterized by a high price, which is due to the novelty of the goods.



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