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Stay productive at work with these easy tips

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Working productively in the office day in and day out can be a big challenge. As organised as we may feel when we come to work in the morning, once we sit down and start working, things can become boring pretty quickly and it is easy to lose track of tasks and watch those hours waste away. It is crucial if we want to see progress during our working day that we find ways to be more productive and make the most of every single minute of our time in the office. This is why today, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways that we can be productive in the office and get things done! 


  1. Rethink Your To-Do-List 

If you want to make sure that you are as productive as you can be each day, creating a to-do list is a must. The thing is, not a lot of us know the best way to create a to-do list and even when we do, we let it fall to the wayside. If you want to ensure that you create tasks, track them and stick to them, you should create a Gannt sheet. This is a type of sheet which will allow you to add tasks to a calendar with a timeframe, and update the status as you go. This way, you’ll never end up far behind on your work.


  1. Focus on results

The important thing you can do when you come to working in and office is focus on result driven tasks first. You might have a long list of tasks to complete each day, but it can be difficult to organise these tasks and decide which one should be completed first and why. Make a list of everything you need to do this week. Now take a look and see which tasks will bring about the quickest results. Always complete these tasks as high priority and leave other tasks until you have the time. This will ensure that you always get the best results from your work and that you meet your goals. 


  1. Eat healthy foods

One of the things which can often be overlooked which is important at work is to eat healthily and keep your energy levels high at all times. When you wake up in the morning it can be too tempting to leave the house without breakfast but this is not a healthy habit and should be avoided. If you want to make sure that you have energy for the first half of the day it is important to eat a balanced and healthy breakfast before you start work. Healthy fibres and protein is a great way to kick off the day, and also some snacks can be a handy way to avoid that mid morning energy slump we all endure. Bring along a bottle of water to keep you hydrated, and try to avoid snacking from the vending machine if you can. The food we eat has a big impact on our mental and physical health and making sure you are properly nourished can impact your working day.


  1. Work in batches

As well as prioritising certain tasks, it is always a good idea for you to segment your tasks into batches and complete them as so. For example, if you have a few design tasks to complete, it may be best to do these all in one afternoon as your mind will already be in this headspace. It is always a smart choice to batch tasks like this because it will allow you to get things done and also make your life easier later on.


  1. 2-Minute Rule

The 2 minute rule is one which can be incredibly helpful in the office and it can make a big difference to your productivity in the office each day. Using this rule, when you complete your to-do list for the day you should find tasks which will only take a few minutes to complete. Instead of piling these on the list or backlogging them for later, do them right away. If you are able to get rid of small tasks like these you will suddenly have much less to do each day and it will be easier for you to focus your energy on the important things.


  1. Get moving

As well as making sure to eat healthily when in the office, it is a good idea for you to get moving from your desk once in a while. Inactivity is something which is far too common in the office because when your work is based at our desk, there isn’t much of a reason for you to stand up and walk around. Spending too much time sitting down can be a drag and it can also have an affect on your mental state and physical health. When in the office make sure to get up and move every hour or so, even if it’s just to get up and grab a cup of tea or coffee. This gives your legs a chance to stretch, and it also will allow you to reset your mind and focus on something else for a while before you complete a new task. Having this time away from working to focus and reset the mind is important and it can be a great thing for you in terms of productivity.


  1. Team huddle

One of the fun ways to start off a day with some energy and inspiration is to start with a team huddle. It can often be hard to motivate yourself first thing in the morning and even that first cup of coffee can take a while to kick in. This is why a team huddle can be a great choice to get you raring for the day because together you can motivated each other, find inspiration, and gain a clear vision of the tasks which need to be completed for the day ahead. Having a huddle in the office over a coffee can allow everyone to head off with a clear idea of what they want to achieve and is a great way to air issues in the open quickly and efficiently. 


  1. Prioritize important tasks

It is important when in the office that you always take on the most important tasks first. This means if you have an online fax to complete or an email to send to a client, send the email first. The ability to take on tasks in the right order is important and it can make a big impact on your day overall. 


  1. Put your phone on silent

We all have mobile phones, and as much as we may want to keep them away from our work, it is unrealistic to not work with your phone close by in any capacity. By all means keep your phone on your desk where you can see it, but put it on silent. There’s nothing more distracting than a beeping phone and this can mess with your work flow and concentration. Instead, keep it on the desk where you can see notifications if you need to, but leave the sound off so it doesn’t distract you and everyone else in the office.


  1. Cut out meetings

Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought ‘this could have been an email’? It is a common occurrence and far too many colleagues will book a meeting for this, that and the other with no rhyme or reason. To make life easier for yourself, say no. If you think a meeting is a waste of time and you could be working on something more important, let your colleague know and instead structure an email conversation instead. Meetings can be great, but they are largely unneeded for a lot of projects or issues.


  1. Get out of the office

Step away from you desk! As important as a task might be, and as much as you want to work on it as soon as you can, you need to also take a break now and again. You’ll never be as productive as you want to be in the office if you don’t take the time to get up and take a breather. It is crucial for your mental and physical health and will make a huge difference to your day.


  1. De-clutter

A clean desk is a clean mind. If you are looking to be productive in the office today, make sure that you clean your desk and keep it organised. It might not seem like this will make an impact on your work, but when you have a clear space you will be rid of the distractions and objects which stop you from doing your job efficiently. Get out the colour coded folders and a vacuum and make your desk space clean, tidy, and ready for action today. 

Staying productive at work is a task, but with these helpful tips and tricks you should be able to make the most of your working day each day.


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