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Oct 19

Successful investors top tips for success

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Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned investor, it’s always wise to acquire some good habits and follow best practices. It doesn’t matter too much, how the market is performing today or even tomorrow, as long as you follow and act on good advice. To give you the best chance of success in the long term, these are some of the tips that successful investors swear by. From having a strategy and protecting your assets, to diversifying and taking advantage of bonuses- we’ve got you covered.


Make sure you have a plan

Being a successful investor is not just about making ‘good’ investments. It’s about picking investments that will in the short, medium, or long-term, help them achieve specific goals. When you start, you need to ensure you have a proper strategy in place. This should include what you hope to gain, by when, and how much you can afford to lose. Simplifying saying “well I want to make money” is not enough. There are never any guarantees and you need to consider every eventuality.

An exit strategy is also something you should decide on so you know when it’s time to cash in. Ideally, the plan should be created in conjunction with a professional advisor who can help you set the correct parameters and most realistic goals. Your goals should also be reviewed regularly, at least annually, and with a professional to make sure they are still realistic.


Be sure to diversify

Successful investors top tips for success

Investing everything you have in one particular currency, commodity, or asset is a risky business. An important aspect of a successful investment strategy is to diversify your investments in a varied mixture of assets. This could include commodities such as metals, cryptocurrency, stocks, and bonds in different markets, and of course, the foreign exchange market. Each of these markets has different levels of volatility and experience peaks and troughs at different times. This means that even if one set of your assets is not performing well, another can make up for it.

For example, the forex market is experiencing a particularly volatile moment. This can be leveraged to the advantage of investors as long as they do their research, consider forecasts, and purchase/sell/hold currency concerning the current value of that currency. Investors in forex are typically looking for the best forex bonus which gives them extra cash to invest. Typical bonuses include deposit matches up to 100% or no deposit bonuses that reward investors without them having to deposit. Even seasoned and professional investors use these kinds of bonuses to increase their revenue when trades work in their favor.


Protect your assets

Successful investors typically make significant amounts of money from their trades and investments. Of course, there is always a risk that they may lose some, but keeping their assets safe is of the ultimate importance. Some will opt for using offshore structures to keep their funds secure, others will place them into high-yielding savings accounts either onshore or offshore. It’s also wise to consider income, life, and total permanent disability insurance, in case anything should go wrong.

Individuals who are considered high net worth or who are involved in industries with high turnovers should always take steps to protect themselves, their assets, and their families. In uncertain times economically and depending on their location, politically, this is a smart and necessary step.


Don’t make emotional decisions

Successful investors top tips for success

One of the most important things to remember when investing in anything and regardless of what kind of investor you are, is not to invest with emotion. Just because the value of your investment drops, doesn’t mean it’s all over. Things can and often do pick up again, you just have to be patient. Normally, markets fluctuate and if you pull out when things are rough, you might regret it when they pick up again.

Especially if you are looking at long term investing, you should stick to your original plan instead of reacting emotionally to changes in the market, be they good or bad. The factors you should consider when investing are current market values, past performance, forecasts, and the economic/political situation related to the asset you are considering.

Remember, there is no guarantee that you will be successful in your investment endeavors, but you can increase your chances by planning, keeping a level head, and taking steps to protect yourself.

*This is not financial or investment advice. Remember to do your own research and speak to a professional advisor before parting with any money.


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