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Jul 29

The Importance of Investing in Your Workforce

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The workforce is the engine of the operation and no business can succeed without hardworking, skilled and passionate employees. Staff training is one of the most important aspects of managing the workforce because in addition to helping a business to get the most out of staff, it also promotes staff loyalty as employees will want to feel that they are progressing their career and could look elsewhere without adequate and regular training opportunities.


Research From instantprint

The importance of investing in the workforce was highlighted by booklet and brochure printing specialists instantprint. The firm, which was named the national winner of the 2018 European Business Awards, carried out a survey on workplace training which revealed some interesting statistics which every business should be aware of in order to get the most out of their team.


Demand for Training

The survey revealed that as many as 56% of workers would leave their role if their employer stopped providing training and 31% have previously left a role due to a lack of training. This suggests that staff are motivated and keen to learn in order to progress their career, but the survey worryingly reflected that many businesses are not providing adequate training opportunities.


Lack of Training Opportunities

The survey revealed that as many as 34% of employees have not been offered induction training for new starters while 41% of businesses won’t fund relevant qualifications for employees. Further, 21% of employers provide no ongoing training for staff so it is clear that there is a real shortfall when it comes to the training that businesses are offering staff which could prove to be costly down the line as well as impact the day-to-day performance of the team.


How Companies can Invest in the Workforce

So, what can businesses do about this to avoid losing staff? The survey suggests that on-the-job training is preferable with 43% preferring this method compared to 25% wanting coaching/mentoring and 15% wanting eLearning opportunities. Personal development is critical for keeping employees happy in their role as explained by instantprint Co-Founder James Kinsella:

“All companies should offer induction and ongoing training to staff, to help them settle in and achieve a fulfilling career. To help employees reach their goals, organisations should work to provide personal development plans for workers, tailored to each employees’ objectives and aspirations.”


Other Important Ways to Invest in Workforce

In addition to training, there are a few other ways that a business can improve the performance of its team while also retaining top performers. Upgrading the workplace environment, regular positive feedback, work social events and flexible working are all smart ways to invest in your workforce.

instantprint’s research clearly shows that there is a demand for ongoing training in the workplace, but many business are failing to provide this for their workers which could prove to be costly both in terms of performance and also keeping hold of driven employees.



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