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Dec 23

The life of a constant traveler

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In our increasingly globalized world, more and more of us travel with increased frequency. In fact, some people travel on an almost constant basis as part of their job. Many people work for multinationals and must travel from country to country to oversee certain parts of the company’s operations that they oversee.

Even those who are casual travelers are enjoying the fruits of globalization, flying from country to country and experiencing all the world has to offer. Sampling the novel sights and sounds and people is something millions of us enjoy doing with our free time and spare cash.

But it is not all glamorous. Traveling across borders does come with its potential pitfalls. All the cultural, linguistic, and social differences might become too much of a good thing and have people confused. Moreover, there exist some practical inhibitions such as not being able to use certain cards in some places. All of this calls for some careful analysis and troubleshooting.


Organizing Your Finances

When it comes to syncing your bank accounts with your traveling plans, some might not be as cooperative as others. Most of the time, this is due to simple limits on local banks’ abilities to internationalize their services as opposed to some petty nativism as some people wrongly suspect.

One thing to consider if you still wish to bank with your local credit union or access online investments, is a VPN subscription. It is highly advised that you first go through this ExpressVPN review to grasp an understanding of why this is such a wonderfully crafted tool suitable for many different market segments. The alternate IP address selection will enable you to use a “local” IP address when accessing financial accounts.  This is so that the financial institution is able to handle the request without any potential complications due to geographic locations.

If you find yourself traveling often for the foreseeable future, it might make sense to subscribe to an international bank, especially if you are planning on using cards instead of cash. This is because some smaller banks with only national or even local reach might not have currency exchange mechanisms built into their cards. You will end up at a restaurant stuck because your card cannot be accepted and you have no cash with you.

With the services and the economies of scale of an international financial institution, you will be able to take this worry off what is surely an exhausting list already. For a modest spread, most international banks will be able to convert the dollars in your account to the local currency and you will be able to use your American debit card as if it were obtained locally. Traveling can be expensive, so you want to have as few headaches as possible.


Watching Your Favorite Shows

Another big, albeit more superficial issue facing frequent travelers is the inability to access American Netflix. Most Americans who rarely venture outside the country do not realize how spoilt they are as a market. The American market is known worldwide as the market that gets all the best online content first as well as having all the latest products being launched there first.

Americans find this out the hard way when they venture abroad for any appreciable period of time. Fortunately, using a VPN would also be helpful in this situation. By using the alternate IP addresses offered which have American locations, users will be able to give off the impression that they are still located in America and as such are allowed access to American content.

Combined with the encryption protection any good VPN service provides, and users will be able to access American content abroad without being caught by any preventive mechanism these streaming services have setup to combat anti geo-blocking efforts.

Now, streaming services probably have many well-thought out and justified reasons for engaging in geo-blocking. However, all internationally domiciled netizens hear when they listen to that is they are not going to get to watch their favorite movie or show whenever they have the time to. Americans who live abroad for extended periods find themselves joining this crowd and sharing their grievances. Fortunately, this problem caused by technology can also be solved by technology.


Assimilation and Integration

If you are assigned to live in a foreign country for several years to oversee operations there, at some point you will feel the inevitable urge to fit in with the locals as a show of goodwill. This is a very courteous and noble disposition to have. The rationale is that if you are living under someone else’s roof, you abide by their rules.

How easy this assimilation process will be largely depends on the cultural difference between where you reside and your home country. As a general rule, the closer your host country’s culture is with hat you were brought up in, the easier it will be for you to fit in.

Some countries also are more welcoming to foreigners than others. This is also a pertinent factor to consider because a big part of your assimilation efforts will involve simply asking locals what is acceptable and what is not. The friendlier they are to you, the easier this will be.

Fortunately, the increasingly globalized nature of our society means that barriers to interaction are trending down just about everywhere. Increasingly, it is up to us to make the conscious decision to embrace the world, and more likely than not the world will reciprocate.


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