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Three Money Moves to help Guide your Child Through University

Moneymagpie Team 6th Nov 2023 No Comments

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University marks a crucial milestone in your children’s lives. It’s the all-important transition from childhood to adulthood. As parents, you have an opportunity to help guide them through the financial decisions and challenges they will face during their time at university, supporting them in shaping their financial futures.

When they graduate from university, they’ll enter a world where financial independence becomes their responsibility. Considering the average adult makes ten financial decisions daily, totalling over 250,000 decisions by the age of ninety, it becomes clear why empowering your children with sound financial skills is essential.

Not only does this build their resilience to handle setbacks, but it also safeguards their mental well-being. Research has shown that half of mental health issues stem from financial stress and debt, making financial preparedness a crucial aspect of their development.

Why we need to talk about money: In the UK, money is a taboo subject. In fact, research tells us that parents would rather talk to their children about sex than money, and that a quarter of UK adults would rather talk about almost anything else – infidelity, abortion, parenting techniques – than their finances.

Creating an open and ongoing dialogue about money is at the heart of preparing your children for financial success. Break the taboo around money matters and encourage your children to share their thoughts and questions. Being transparent about your financial journey, including setbacks, helps them develop a healthier relationship with money.

The Three Money Moves – Earn It, Keep It, and Grow It:

Prepare your children for their financial journey through the principles of earning, keeping, and growing money.

  1. Earn It: Encourage them to get part-time jobs or side hustles at university. This teaches the value of hard work and resourcefulness.
  2. Keep It: Teach them the art of budgeting, an essential life skill often overlooked in formal education. Help them understand the difference between needs and wants, the significance of savings, and the long-term benefits of financial planning.
  3. Grow It: Introduce them to investing, starting with tax-advantaged options like pensions and ISAs. Encourage long-term thinking regarding investments, understanding that financial growth is gradual -you must invest for ‘decades not days’.

Why that matters.

As your children step into new social circles at university, their financial influences may shift. While you can’t control their friendships, you can instil good money habits from an early age. Equipping them with financial knowledge and values will empower them to resist societal pressures to overspend and make more responsible financial decisions.

Financial education should begin early. Engage your children in age-appropriate financial lessons, making money management a part of their everyday lives. From primary school onwards, instil habits that will form a strong foundation for their financial future.

As your children embark on their university journey and beyond, your role in their financial education is invaluable. Empower them with the tools to make informed decisions, develop a positive relationship with money, and confidently embrace financial challenges.

Remember, financial freedom is not about how much money they make but how they earn, keep, and grow it wisely. Please encourage them to embark on this journey with awareness and action, enabling them to be confident and in control of their financial future.

Wherever you are on your road to financial freedom – even if you’re taking the first step – communicating openly about money is the foundation of financial planning because burying your head in the sand will always cost you more than your mental health. Any debts or bills left ignored will always catch up with you. Opening up to someone you trust will help you to see that you’re not alone in your money worries and that support is out there.

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