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Jul 09

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Motorized Blinds for your Space

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Motorized blinds have become an extremely sought-after choice for a lot of people and have become a must-have and worthy investment in most modern homes. But are these motorized blinds worth your money? And, how do you ensure that you make the right choice for your  space? Let’s discuss.


The perks of motorized blinds for your home


1. They protect your décor from excess sunlight  

Direct sun exposure may result in discoloration and fading of your décor and furniture. The irreversible damage decreases their lifespan significantly. However, motorized blinds can get programmed at certain times of the day to control the lighting that gets into a room.

That way, you get to protect your furniture and décor even when you don’t have to close the blinds by yourself.


2. Boosts your home energy efficiency  

Motorized window blinds boost your home’s energy efficiency in several ways, and that includes light control and insulation.

These window blinds allow you to control the lighting within your home. That is because you could open them completely to let in natural light during certain times of the day, and this helps to save energy when you can turn off light fixtures and rely on natural lighting.

That in itself helps to lower monthly utility bills significantly.


3. Their cordless design offers total safety to pets and children  

If you desire to enjoy peace of mind in your home as a parent, one way to achieve this is through having motorized window blinds.

Ordinary blinds can be a safety hazard for your younglings, as well as their pets. That is because cords can lead to suffocation when children and pets get entangled in them, especially when they have a loop.

Since motorized window blinds are a cordless system, this makes them one of the most reliable and safest options for parents with children and pet owners. These window blinds are usually best for any room with spaces that pets and children can easily access.


How to select the best blinds

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits of motorized blinds for your modern home, you’re probably wondering how to select the best. Below are some crucial tips that will help you make the right choice.


1. The durability of its motor  

What you pay for is what you get! And that includes motorized blinds for your windows. Before choosing these blinds for your space, you want to ensure they come with a complete warranty.

Some companies will offer a limited warranty while others cover a complete one.

When it comes to an essential item in your home, such as motorized blinds, you want to consider a company that guarantees you quality, as well as a warranty in case of any defects with their product.

Be wary of companies that give a warranty below five years. That could suggest a lack of confidence in their product, and this is not what you want to risk with something essential for your home.

Always ensure to keep your motorized blinds in pristine condition to avoid going back and forth to get a replacement or experiencing a case of abuse hence not getting covered by the warranty.


2. Which remote options will integrate with the motor?  

If you love to use gadgets in your home, you’re in luck since you can use the same for your windows. To get the most out of your motorized blinds, you need to ensure that they integrate seamlessly with your phone and the remote. That is because when you realize you need to close  the blinds but are on your way to work, this will come in handy.

Before making a final decision with your motorized blinds, you also want to explore varying remote options that work well with your motors. Also, ensure that they offer a comprehensive warranty on the remote in case of any defects.


3. How noisy is the motor?  

With the latest technological advancements, finding a nearly silent motor is the best option. Ensure to pay close attention to the motor sounds to see if the levels are comfortable. That way, you can use these in your bedroom and study without distracting others, or yourself, for that  matter.


Final thoughts  

The perks of having motorized blinds in your home cannot be understated. Before making a final decision, you want to take your time to customize all your measurements so you can get the perfect fit for your modern home windows.

Whether you prefer motorized blinds for your living room, study or bedroom, these blinds will make your life easier and transform your house, making it look classy and new.


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.



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