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Aug 17

Top 3 Jungle Scout Alternatives

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Amazon is currently one of the biggest e-commerce websites globally. Currently, there are millions of sellers around the world earning on Amazon. However, this high level of competition also requires that sellers find innovative ways to stay on top of the game.

Buyers visit Amazon for a wide range of products across several categories. However, certain products stand out with respect to sales as they are always in high demand. For sellers, these products are often advisable, although it is also important to consider competition levels in the sales of the product.

All of these point to the fact that research to thrive as an Amazon seller. Apart from finding the right products to sell, it is also important to keep tabs on these products and trends in the Amazon marketplace as this would guide in making the best decisions at all times.

Certain FBA toolkits have been designed to help with product research and optimization within the Amazon marketplace. These toolkits offer several features to help sellers stand out amidst their competition.


What is FBA Toolkit?

Amazon FBA toolkits are software toolsets designed for Amazon sellers to carry out a range of activities within the Amazon marketplace. Amazon FBA toolkits offer a range of functions fro product research, product tracking, price list analysis, sales estimation, etc.

A sales estimator helps to calculate the BSR of a product based on the sales volume of such products per time. It also gives Amazon sellers a chance to monitor the sales of a product through its BSR, making it valuable for product research.

Jungle Scout is currently one of the most popular FBA tools available on the market. However, apart from Jungle Scout, there are several alternative options available to Amazon sellers. Some of these alternatives include Helium 10, IO Scout, AMZScout, etc.


Helium 10, AMZ Scout and IO Scout

Helium 10, IO Scout, and AMZ Scout are Amazon tools. All these tools are used by sellers to get insights and ideas on improving optimization practices. These alternatives to Jungle Scout also offer sellers a practical view of the Amazon market place.

However, here is a comparison of all three toolkits.

● FBA Calculator

FBA Calculators are used by sellers to calculate the estimated cost of products and generate marginal profit conveniently. For FBA sellers, an FBA calculator is highly important as it helps to efficiently calculate the cost and potential profits involved in selling certain products. All three alternatives have an FBA calculator tool.

IO Scout FBA calculator is available online and free for Amazon sellers. One interesting thing about Helium 10′ FBA calculator is that it can calculate the profitability of two or more products simultaneously from the Amazon product search page. AMZ Scout FBA calculator can calculate seller fees and profits. It also retrieves some important information like weight, referral fee, etc. However, you need Google Chrome to access it.


● Product Research

Helium 10 has a product research tool called Blackbox. This tool contains about 400million products in its database. AMZ Scout offers user research in about 44 categories and allows users to set the seller type or product tier. IO Scout also offers sellers a vast database that is continually updated. So with respect to this, all three alternatives offer similar functionalities.

The FBA tools also offer filters like rate, reviews, and price, to allow you to quickly narrow down the search when using the app.


● Keyword Tool

Also, all three alternatives offer similar functions in keyword tools. Positioning your product optimally on Amazon requires using the right keyword optimization practices. Helium 10 offers tools relevant to keywords; Cerebro, Magnet, Frankenstein. AMZ Scout, on the other hand, gives hourly updates on keyword searches and ranking on result pages. IO Scout also has tools to keep track of keyword performance and the best keywords to keep your products visible.


● Product Listing

The product listing tool on Helium 10 is Scribble, which functions like the optimal Amazon SEO tool. Scribble helps to ensure that all the essential keywords are mentioned in your product listing. AMZScout and IO Scout also offer amazing product listing options.

All three product listing tools are designed to ensure that no essential word is omitted in your product listing. All keywords are validated, and irrelevant ones can be removed.

AMZ Scout has the Listing Wizard tool. With this tool, and IO Scout has a product listing tool.


● Pricing

Helium 10 offers three plans and a free one. The free one, however, the free plan offers limited features. The Platinum plan is mainly for beginners currently costs about $97 per month and $970 per year to subscribe.

The Diamond plan costs $197 monthly, and $1970 yearly subscription and is designed for more experienced sellers. The Elite package is for prominent business owners, and it comes with a price of $397 monthly subscription with no annual plan.

AMZ Scout has just two plans, the PRO extension plan, and the business plan. The former comes with a price of $44.99 monthly subscription and the latter, $49.87 monthly subscription. Both packages have a 7-day payback guarantee.

IO Scout also offers a free plan, which offers limited access to its features. The paid plans are offered in three packages for sellers, startups, and businesses. The prices of the packages are 24, 49, and 69 USD monthly, respectively.

Each package offers access to different features. Also, there is a 60 percent discount when purchasing IO Scout for a year and a 25 percent off for monthly subscription.



All three alternatives offer similar features. However, considering the lower cost of IO Scout Amazon seller tools, it is a preferable choice when looking out for the best alternative to Jungle Scout.


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