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Top Affiliate Programs to Make Good Money

Moneymagpie Team 15th Nov 2022 No Comments

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If you own a blog or website with good traffic and regular visitors or if you’re a social media influencer with followers summing up to a few thousand or more, you can monetize your blog or channel through affiliate marketing.

The product should align with your website’s genre so that your audience doesn’t get confused about the category of your website. People are more attracted if a website speaks about one specialization and its branches. Because no one likes a messy place. The more your website is organized, the more people you will attract.

As an affiliate, you will join a program that offers affiliate marketing. Then select a niche that resonates with your website. Then it will give you an affiliate link that you can put on your blogs or social media pages. When someone clicks on your given link, it will help you earn money.

What are the Top Affiliate Programs?

The top affiliate programs provide their affiliates with the best income, support, and automation tools. They value your service and hard work and cater to you accordingly. Check carefully that there are no hidden charges or conditions that might come back to you later on.

We have curated a list of the top affiliate programs that will make you good money whether you are just starting out or have been in the market for a while.

Affiliate Programs  Commission Rate Cookie Duration
BigCommerce 200% of the client’s initial monthly instalment 90 Days
  • $26 for a new subscriber
  • If a user purchases a monthly plan, you will get an 80% commission for 2 months
  • For an annual plan, you will get a one-time 25% commission.
30 Days
Fiverr $15-$50 30 Days
Refersion 15% for all referrals  You can choose from 2 days to 2 years
  • $0.01 for a new sign up
  • $10 for a new trial
  • $200 for every subscription
120 Days
ConvertKit 30% recurring commission 30 Days
  • $100 for each sale
  • 33% for every referred customer
120 Days
  • Recurring Rate Program: 15% Monthly
  • Flat Rate Program: 100% of the First Month’s Revenue
90 Days
Hostinger 60% commission for a hosting package sale 30 Days
Weebly 30% Commission 120 Days
BlueHost $65 for Qualified Hosting Purchase 90 Days
Wix.com $100 for the sale of each Premium Plan 30 Days
Elementor 50% per Sale 30 Days
Kajabi A lifetime of 30% commission Undisclosed
Teachable 50% commission 90 Days

Certain Affiliate Programs That Pay More

Affiliates in high-ticket affiliate programs receive significant compensation. These usually lie in the gaming, forex, and cryptocurrency genre.

Their audience comprises high-paying customers, so their affiliate programs automatically offer hefty pay. As compelling as it sounds, these programs have strict screening processes and certain policies.

Some require a certain audience or subscribers, and some want experienced publishers so their products get sold on a reputable platform.

They provide their affiliates with marketing, promotion, and automation tools so they can have the best experience while using the program’s services. Their analytics tracking is sublime, and they share every piece of information with their affiliate, which results in building a trustworthy and unswerving relationship with them.

The highest-paying affiliate programs are generally for code services or digital courses instead of physical products. As an example, brands like Fiverr and HubSpot pay $1,000 for one sale, whereas BigCommerce and Shopify provide even higher payouts.

How to Find and Join Affiliate Programs?

Top affiliate programs are available in many niches, especially forex, trading, digital courses, gaming, and cryptocurrency, because they run solely online, so they have more high-paying and regular customers.

To find a good affiliate program, you have to do the following:

Whenever you start something new; it is essential that you get familiar with its working and its competition in the market. It saves you extra time and lessens the risk of getting scammed.

Yes, most affiliate programs don’t require money, but they require your precious time and the use of your platform. So, if you recommend a low-quality product to your audience, they will hesitate to buy anything more from you or even visit your website.

Payment Structure
There are a lot of payment structures to choose from. You can get paid every time a user clicks the link from your blog or if they make a purchase through the link.

Some programs also pay when the user performs certain actions, like filling up a form or signing up for email.

This is important as your affiliate link’s niche should match your website’s theme. It easily guides your audience toward the topic they want to discover.

If you’re a know-it-all website with every category fit into it, then the quality of your content will suffer drastically. Try to keep things straightforward, concentrate on the calibre of the material, and update your website often.

Type of Affiliate Programs

  1. High-Paying & Low-Volume Programs
    These programs give out high payouts for specific categories.
    The ConvertKit program pays a generous 30% to its affiliates every time a person signs up and buys their plans. That is $700 for sending 80 customers to their website. But there is a slight problem. This CRM is for small business owners, so the buyer’s pool is limited. Plus, there is a lot of competition present. If you’re an established website or blog owner, you should try this program out.
  2. Low-Paying & High-Volume Programs
    These categories get consistent buyers, but the commissions are not very high. For example, a customer buys a PlayStation 4 game that costs $40. You will earn $1-$2 per sale, but the sales will be multiplied as many people buy games regularly.
    So, if you’re starting out in this affiliate marketing business, you should definitely go for this type of marketing as it does pay less, but the sales are consistent, and you won’t have to change programs frequently.
  3. High-Paying & High-Volume Programs
    Yes, these programs exist. Credit cards are the top example of the program’s category. But, affiliates with deep connections and money use the wrong tactics to make money through this program.
    It is not suggested for beginners or anyone who wants to make a reputable income.

Create Relevant Content
To have a successful affiliate marketing website; you should curate high-quality and genuine content. Your article shouldn’t look very salesy or promotional. Your website quality might be degraded.

The blog should be informational, telling the product’s benefits and shortcomings so the one reading it doesn’t feel that the content is just for selling the product. It should cater to the audience’s benefit too.

Bring Audience to Your Affiliate Site
Now that you have created good quality content, it’s time to bring an audience to discover your website. Do the following to get more audience:

Search Engine Optimation
The process of optimizing your content for Google or Bing is known as SEO. Your audience will discover you more if you rank at the top of the search page on your relevant keywords.

SEO is basically about

  • Knowing what your ideal audience is searching for
  • Creating your content around the most searched or trending topics
  • Opting for methods to push the pages up on the search engine, such as link building

Paid Traffic
It is usually done through advertising. You will display ads on other websites having the same category as yours and drive your audience toward your medium.

If you have a good budget, then you should go for this method as it raises the site’s traffic exponentially in less time than organic growing methods.

Email Marketing
This is the widely used medium by many brands and companies to stay in touch with their audience. It is a fantastic approach to strengthen your relationship with your users. They’ll return more frequently to your website and blog because they’ll feel appreciated.

You can create customized lists for your users. For example, if you notice that 15 users read the lifestyle section of your blog and 20 read the tech section, you should send them emails relevant to the topic they are interested in.

Earning Through Top Paying Affiliate Programs

The affiliate Market is a big industry with companies and brands wanting to sell their products to a wide audience. You can do that by writing blogs and posting them on your website with the link to their product or linking their products in your social media platform’s caption.

You can earn from $1 to $10,000 through affiliate marketing. It all depends on your expertise and want niche you choose. You have to do the following to earn big in affiliate marketing:

  • Get good traffic or followers on your website or social media platform(s)
  • Post authentic and detailed reviews
  • You should know about the product you are recommending to others
  • Focus on a single niche and branch out gradually
  • Be creative with your reviews

Affiliate Program Best Niches

In the world of e-commerce, affiliate programs are booming as people trust social influencers more than advertisements. It is a surefire way to make big money in a short amount of time. You can earn commissions according to the category you choose. Here are some profitable niches:

Top Countries: India, United States, Romania, Indonesia, United Kingdom
Traffic Capacity: 3,500,000

Fashion is a potential niche for a good second income because it is always in demand. By doing a bit of research in the market, you can easily find high-ticket products which sell rapidly. You can opt for seasonal or trending fashion items ranging from shoes and clothing to accessories like necklaces and rings.

You can join several rewarding fashion affiliate programs, from high-end goods to regional labels. Some of the finest examples for those looking to break into the high-end clothing markets are Nordstrom and NET-A-PORTER, which provide commissions ranging from 1% to 11%. In the interim, you can try ShopStyle and NewChic; they each give 20% and 50% commission.

Top Countries: India, United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, South Africa
Traffic Capacity: 3,800

As the digital world is moving forward with time, new products are always in demand. When the products are expensive, people think twice before spending their money. So, what they need the most is an honest and friendly review. They will visit the website more, and you will get paid when they purchase via your link.

You can pick from successful tech affiliate marketing programs like Impact and Rakuten. Additionally, you can test out the well-known affiliate programs from Semrush, Fiverr, Microsoft, and ConvertKit.

Top Countries: South Korea, India, Canada, United States, Vietnam
Traffic Capacity: 6,500,000

The increasing popularity of Bitcoin has made people serious about investing their finances. It takes experience and skills to build a fortune for yourself in this field. So, people are always looking and researching for authentic reviews to help them in this venture.

With your knowledge of finances, you may produce investing manuals, cryptocurrency advice, and financial management tools more understandably to assist individuals in planning their future financial resources. You might also consider the personal finance management sub-niche if you wish to work in the financial sector but lack advanced abilities.

Top Countries: United States, Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico
Traffic Capacity: 2,600,000

Pet owners are very dedicated to their pets and always willing to spend a hefty amount of money for their welfare. The pet niche is the most common worldwide, as almost everyone owns a pet or is willing to get one.

Several pet-related affiliate marketing schemes offer a 75% commission, including Ollie Program, Holista Pet, and Brain Training for Dogs. You must be careful while selecting pet affiliate marketing programs that offer big commissions because there are many of them available.

Top 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

If you have a wide audience and have gained expertise in your field, it is time to opt for high-ticket niches and affiliate programs. Here is a list of the top 10 affiliate programs that pay the greatest salaries and can earn you a respectable sum of money:

Affiliate Programs Commission Rate Cookie Duration
BlueHost $65 60 Days
Hostgator $125 60 Days
Siteground €75 60 Days
SEMrush $200 120 Days
Doggy Dan Training 70% 60 Days
ClickFunnels 40% Recurring Lifetime
Authority Hacker $990 60 Days
Capitalist Exploits 50% 365 Days
Shift4Shop $100 120 Days
FlyWheel $500 90 Days

Ending Statement

If you’re willing to get more audience and grow your website or social media platform, affiliate marketing is the way to go. With a little research and background check, you will definitely make good money quickly. Don’t always go after high-ticket programs. Start from low-paying ones and gradually make your way to the top.

DisclaimerMoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.


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