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Feb 11

Unlock Personalization To Make Money

Reading Time: 3 mins

Are you dreaming about starting or expanding your business? Whether you’re just at the beginning stages of planning or have been an entrepreneur for some time, personalization is a key trend for success. 

Let’s look at two dimensions of personalization that can help you build your brand, reach your customers, and boost profits. The two aspects of personalization are personalized items and personalized direct marketing. These two areas can shape your business and focus your success quickly and efficiently.


First: Personalized Items

Do you have a business idea to make money with personalized items? If so, you are on the right track. People love personalization. There’s always something wonderful about a personalized item that feels unique to you. Just take a moment to glance around your living room, home office, or kitchen. 

Do you have something that has your name or job title on it? A lot of professionals have a coffee mug, notebook, or handbag with their name or personal initials. You may have gotten an item for a birthday, anniversary, or job promotion. Did it have something personalized that was unique to you?

Think about the animals you love. Giraffes. Zebras. Cats. Labradoodles. If you have a favorite mascot—everyone knows this is your thing. When your friends and co-workers want to give you a gift, they make sure it is related to your special animal. 

Over the years you’ve probably seen this in action. For instance, Cathy loves penguins. Her office is lined with photos of penguins, statues, and figurines. If you’re getting her a gift, most likely it has some nod to the characteristic black and white features of this noble creature.

Darren adores Giraffes. He has emblems of this passion in his home and office. The patterns show up on pillows, curtains, and towels. When you think of Darren, you think of Giraffes. Sara is into Elephants. She has elephant drawings, photos, and even a special elephant-inspired mug for her morning coffee. 

As you grow your business, look for ways to personalize your product or service to match the interests of your target audience. Now, let’s look at how to personalize your marketing to appeal directly to your prospects and customers. 


Personalized Direct Mail

You’ve no doubt got plenty of company emails personalized with your first name. This is the standard operating procedure for businesses. When you sign up for an email, you let the company know your name—and they use this to send messages with a personalized tone.

Now, in your company, you utilize this method of speaking directly to your customer with personalized direct mail. The mail could be a postcard, flyer, or graphic depiction of your products, services, and offers. Like an email, you can easily use technology to personalize your postcard with the first name of your client. But, it gets even better. 

You can also personalize postcards with custom information such as city, state, or region. Perhaps you’re highlighting a specific item, add in the personalized details for specific support or sales contact. If you have multiple locations, you can mention specific brick and mortar locations that are within a driving radius of the customer. If you are sending cards to a customer outside this radius, you can direct them to your website.

Additionally, you can personalize with unique promo codes. This allows you to identify and track what customers are responding to in specific marketing campaigns. Your items may include graphics of best-selling items—personalized by region, interest group, or other qualifiers. 

One example could be if you’re selling personalized coffee mugs to coffee drinkers; or personalized umbrellas to people living in high-rain regions. Further, you can incorporate loyalty status to deepen personalization. You might do this by frequency, such as a frequent buyer program. Or you could do this by volume, as in customers who have purchased a certain amount. These offers create an exceptional, personal experience for your target audience.


3 Action Steps

As you consider personalization in your business, take your ideas into action. Here are 3 actions to get started.

  1. Identify how to personalize your products, services, and offers. What is the easiest step to take? 
  2. Identify how to personalize your direct marketing. Look for a way to have fun and be creative in communicating with your audience.
  3. Commit to accountability. Schedule your actions – put it on your calendar.


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.


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