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Mar 19

Ways to pay for an MBA in Spain

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There are many reasons why studying in Spain makes sense. For international students, the advantage of a second or further language is always a bonus, especially in these days of international commerce and trade. Spain has a reputation for excellent MBA courses at some of the top universities in Europe, and is popular choice for overseas students. Why would you want to study for an MBA?

The Master of Business Administration is aimed at students looking to become professionals in the world of business management, finance and marketing, economics and other areas of commerce, and each course is usually tailored to a specific area of study. Spain has been at the forefront of MBA teaching for many years, and offers courses that frequently rank among the top 25 in the world.

Where can you study, and what options do you have for financing an MBA in Spain? Let’s have a closer look.


Where to Study for an MBA In Spain

The universities in Spain have a strong reputation, and among the MBA options you should consider are the following:

University of Navarra – Barcelona Campus – highly regarded for its full-time MBA, the IESE Business School based on the Barcelona Campus offers a course that is suitable for potential investment banking candidates or those who want to work in the consumer goods area, and is abroad and flexible choice. 

ESADE Business School – Barcelona Campus – similar in ranking to that above is this popular MBA, again based on the Barcelona Campus, which is well-known for its focus on entrepreneurs. A flexible course that is respected by such as the FT, it’s one to consider. 

EU Business School – Barcelona Campus – EU Business School is one of the most respected in Spain, and indeed in Europe with its other campuses in Switzerland and Germany, and offers a choice of MBA courses, which the QS rates as the best in the world. Notably, it boasts a student employee rate of more than 80%.

ESCP Europe – Madrid – ESCP is a Europe-wide business school of much repute, and the Madrid campus is a popular place to study. Chief among the schools MBA’s is the MBA in International Management, a 12-month course that is one of the best of its type.

These are just a few of the notable business schools in Spain offering MBA courses. It’s worth noting that all are taught in English, and that while entry requirements vary, candidates are usually required to possess a master’s or bachelor’s degree, and schools may also require that you have a minimum of three years of professional work experience, 

Spain, with its relaxed lifestyle and agreeable weather, is a good choice to study for an MBA, and with the above and many more available schools offering highly-rated courses at this level, it is clear why students from across the world choose to take advantage of proven and respected tuition providing a qualification that opens doors in the business world. Now, let’s take a look at the different ways of financing your MBA in Spain.


Financing Options

Studying for an MBA anywhere means paying fees, and there will also be living expenses that need to be taken into account. You may be lucky enough to have set aside money to pay for your MBA – most can be completed in a single year – but for most, it is a case of accessing the available funding options for studying in Spain. Some students may be financed by their employer, in which case the details will be between those two parties, but here we will be looking in brief at the other methods.



There are loans available for students who wish to study for an MBA in Spain. These are usually organised by the institution, who have agreements with banks and other lending facilities. For example, the IE Business School in Madrid can arrange for you to apply for student loans through their in-house Financial Aid Office, who are in place to help students with the application process. 

It is recommended that applications for loans are made a good time in advance, and it is important to remember that the final decision will be down to the bank, and will depend upon your -financial situation and other details.

ESADE also offers loans, and works with two specific banks, and invites students to make applications through them. The terms of the loans differ across different institutions, hence it is sensible to research your options in detail.



Scholarships are offered by all the major business schools in Spain, and again the requirements for qualifying differ greatly. IE Business school, for example, has a variety of scholarships that are funded by various donors – including alumni, businesses and other organizations – that students may apply for. The decision to grant a scholarship will be based on economic need as well as professional and academic excellence, plus specific competencies. 

ESADE offers a similar range of scholarships made possible by donors, covering both its full-time and part-time courses. The criteria in place are again similar to those required by IE, with the emphasis being put towards students who are in need of financial support and who have displayed impressive talent and attainment. 

There is a lot to be said for thoroughly researching scholarships available from all the business schools in Spain – and perhaps from other sources in your home country – as this may be a method of financing your MBA.

Many thousands of students from across the world take advantage of the excellent business courses available at the Spanish universities, and there are more in addition to those we have mentioned above. Studying for an MBA in Spain does make sense, but also needs serious thought as to where you are going to study, and how you are going to finance it.

There are finance options that you can apply for in Spain, and perhaps some at home, so talk to the experts now and see what you can find out – and if you are employed, see if they may be willing to help – and begin planning your MBA in Spain. 


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