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Feb 15

What to look out for when selecting a student house

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While it’s tempting as a student to just pick a place to flop, your accommodation is an important factor. From money to mates, there are a lot of things to consider.

If you’re not careful you can fall into any number of traps, so it’s good to know what to look out for. Our guide is here to help, reducing stress and focusing you on studies.

These 5 steps form the building blocks of a decent home… quite literally! Whether student halls or a landlord’s bricks and mortar, it’s finding the right option for you…


5. Student halls

 For some, student halls are the perfect choice. They’re uni-run, so you’re protected to a certain extent. Also they are conveniently located on campus or close by.

Here’s the thing. You’re probably living away from home for the first time. Experiencing that alongside other students can be a big help.

There are also halls run privately, though they can carry extra costs because they’re a bit swankier. Also bear in mind that halls are popular options and get booked up quick.

But being plugged into the hub of student parties, study groups and more isn’t for everyone… halls can be challenging places when it comes to concentration!


4. Private accommodation

You may feel that you want to “bite the bullet” and jump straight into private housing. You’ll be doing it soon anyway, so why not start as you mean to go on…?

It’s a fact of life. Generally students move away from halls and live privately after their first year anyway. This can be crucial in asserting your independence.

But are you ready for grown up responsibility? There will be housework to do, and bills to pay. Many, many bills! Hitting the ground running can have its drawbacks.

You may also not have a choice. As we mentioned, student halls get snapped up so if you aren’t quick off the mark you’ll be relying on a good landlord.


3. Space

Wherever you’re moving to, the onus will be on you to keep the place tidy. If you’re not used to this, you might want to start reading up on the art of vacuuming and the like!

Has this occurred to you? The right amount of space is vital for a clean living area. Should your place be big or small, clutter is a big obstacle to housework.

Moving various unwieldy piles of stuff around while you’re trying to bust that dust can be a nightmare. So, if you’ve got unwanted stuff lying around why not sell it…?

If you’ve got some cool clothes you don’t wear anymore, or stacks of DVDs you’ve watched, there are various ways to turn your clutter into cash.


2. Living at home

The general consensus when you go to uni is that you break free of your parents and start making your own way in the world. But is that always the case?

It isn’t easy out there. And with prices rising all the time, a better option could be to put off full independence and keep living at home. If your home is near uni that is!

The responsibility for stuff like bills is off your hands, though it wouldn’t hurt to help your Mum or Dad and get more involved with the business of running the house.

We’re not saying it’s the ideal choice, but it could be the perfect one when it comes to saving money, and devoting the majority of your time to getting the best grade.


1. Housemates

Last but not least are the fellow students with whom you’ll be sharing this crucial stage of your life! Hopefully you’ll have friends-turned-housemates at the start of your second year.

Don’t panic. If you haven’t, you can still find some people to split the rent with. There are plenty of students in the same boat, and provided you exercise caution all will be well.

Something to avoid is winding up on your own. Of course, you could prefer the solitary life… but uni is a great place to socialise and you’d be missing out not to try it!


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1 year ago

Useful advice for students looking for accomodation.

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