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Nov 04

Why Designer Radiators Don’t Need to Come with A Designer Price Tag

Reading Time: 4 mins

Designer radiators are all the rage on home improvement shows. But why?

Designer radiators offer a simple way to add elegance to any room in your house and may be a good heating source if they come with integrated heating elements.


But are they also a good choice for your home?

Are designer radiators worth the extra cost, or should you buy one of those cheap standard-looking ones that go for much less?

You would be surprised to find the only real heating comes from the base of the radiator. The shape and material used in the radiator will only really affect the look of your room and how it reflects light. It won’t make a significant difference to how much heat the radiators carry, and therefore won’t change how much it costs to run them. Buying more expensive designer radiators isn’t going to be any better for your heating bill.


So why should you consider buying designer radiators?

Well, it does come down to the looks. A radiator is one of the main features of a room, looked at constantly by guests and family alike. It will be more noticeable than other interior design choices, so having an attractive one can really make your house look good. But remember that just because it’s designer doesn’t mean that you can’t go for something aesthetically pleasing and still very affordable.

The fact of the matter is that designer radiators don’t need to come at high prices, and they’re not even intended to be a heating solution. If you want an attractive radiator for your home, then, by all means, go for one, but you needn’t worry about looking at higher prices just because they have designer printed on them.


Do designer radiators add value?

The decision of whether a designer radiator adds value to a property is down to two things: the area you’re living in and the style of housing. If your home is within an area that requires contemporary or modern equipment, then yes, they can certainly add value to your property. Otherwise, you might find that it’s not very likely to add value.

It would be best if you also considered the property’s age when looking at adding designer radiators. If your home is a more modern home built in the past few years, they will certainly increase the value of your house if installed before putting it on sale. This is mainly for the reason that many people now expect designer equipment in a newly built property.

However, if your home is older, it probably won’t matter as much as most potential buyers will be looking at those details before anything else.


Are designer radiators more efficient?

All the arguments above about designer radiators not needing to be more efficient than regular ones suggest that no, they’re not necessarily any better for your heating bills. If you want to go green, there are better ways than buying expensive designer radiators.

You can do things like insulate your home correctly and install eco-friendly heating solutions. However, designer radiators are more of a luxury than an economical choice, so if you already have adequate heating in your home, you don’t need to switch to designer radiators just for the sake of it.


Is your bathroom cozy and attractive?

If it isn’t the most relaxing, there may be a compelling reason to consider designing a gorgeous and distinctive bathroom environment.

You go into the bathroom numerous times each day. As a result, it’s only natural to utilize the area to create an ultra-chic style that generates a good mood for living in. A personalized bathroom has been shown to enhance moods.


Why would you want a designer radiator?

You might as well ask, Why not? The price isn’t outrageous, and the characteristics and usefulness are much greater than those of a standard radiator. In addition, you may pick from a variety of designs to suit your unique requirements.

Some of the criteria you can consider when choosing to invest in a designer radiator include:

  • Surface area, color scheme, and other design options.
  • Whether or not to invest in additional features like towel warmers, mirrors, lighting fixtures, and more.

Designer radiators can provide many benefits over traditional models. The initial expenditure on a designer radiator may be more than you’d spend on an average radiator, but the benefits are extensive.

Considering their cost-effectiveness and practicality, you can see why some homeowners opt for designer radiators as part of their home improvement projects.

Organic heating panels fit inside your custom-designed cabinets to keep your bathroom cozy. Plus, they’re eco-friendly!

A stylish radiator cover can keep your living room warm without breaking the bank. Designer radiators help bring warmth to any space in your home.


Do Designer Bathroom Radiators Cost a Fortune?

Considering that we live in a frigid region, a heating system to warm the bathroom is a good investment. You can create a functional and stylish bathroom with the assistance of designer radiators.

Some of you may be considering opting for designer bathroom radiators as they look great but are not sure if they’re worth the high price tag. You may have heard that some on the market would do just as good a job as a regular radiator, but they’re a lot cheaper and look just as good.


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.



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