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Aug 19

Why Starburst Envelopes Are a Smart Choice for Your Business Mailers

Reading Time: 3 mins

If you have not heard of starburst envelopes, you have missed out on a smart move for your marketing services. Starburst envelopes can enable you to focus your marketing strategies on an essential piece of office stationery. So what are starburst envelopes?

Your envelope printer can offer these brightly colored envelopes. The envelopes get printed with vibrant colors that can add liveliness to your business mailers. The best advantage of using them is that you can customize where to put the images, texts, windows, and any other advertising campaign material on the brightly colored envelopes. You can choose the colors that match your company’s theme to portray better coordination with the logo, images, and taglines related to your brand.



You might be perfectly happy in choosing from the types of standard window envelope options provided by your printer. Most of them are high-quality products that serve the purpose of most business owners. But if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, you may want to consider the various advantages of using a starburst envelope. The best thing about these envelopes is that they are guaranteed to stand out from the rest of the mailers.

Any business mailer has to face a lot of competition in the mailbox. It is easy for an envelope to get lost in the crowd of communication that your customer receives every day. Most of the business mailers that get sent in white envelopes end up in the trash even before they get opened. So how can you make sure your mailer stands out from the ones that look like plain mashed potatoes?

The answer is simple. You add a dash of color that is sure to get your mailer to stand out of the crowd and get noticed. Why do you think most of the celebrities choose vibrantly colored dresses to walk on the red carpet? They all want to stand out from the star standing next to them. You can be as creative as you want with a starburst envelope. The choices for customization are truly endless.

You can also send out your invoices and financial statements in starburst envelopes. Colored envelopes are no longer considered unprofessional, and can be used to add a personal touch to your communication. They can also be used to convey to your stakeholders that you are a progressive company that is all about being cheerful and having fun. You also use starburst envelopes for your festive greetings to match the occasion.


How to Make Your Starburst Envelope Stand Out?

As a business owner, it is your job to explain your marketing goals to the stationary designer or printer. These are the following aspects that should get considered while getting a customized starburst envelope for your mailer.

  • Since you are going to use a colored envelope for your correspondence, you need to utilize its unique advantages. The color of the envelope should be selected to highlight your company’s logo, taglines, or any text that you want to use for the mailer. You should also choose the color carefully if you plan to use any images on the envelope. If the color contrast is not right, the logo, taglines, text, or image can get lost on the starburst envelope.
  • Starburst envelopes can be made into various sizes, so choose a selection of sizes according to the comminution that you want to send out. It can be a letter, invoice, or a flyer. When you select the size, make sure that your mailer fits perfectly into the envelope. You can also choose larger starburst envelopes to send booklets or newsletters as big as 9 x 12.
  • Your starburst envelope can be pre-printed, or you can have a window on it to feature the mailer. If you choose to have a window of your envelope, make sure that the correspondence has a coordinated and contrasting color. Multiple windows should be avoided on starburst envelopes since they might spoil the visual appeal of the mailer.
  • You can select the type of paper that you want if your printer offers any options. You can also choose whether you want the envelope to have a self-seal or remoistenable glue on it to expedite sealing and posting.

Starburst envelopes can convert an average mailer into one that draws the attention of the recipient. It has the potential to create a great first impression that can have lasting effects on your company’s revenue. Starburst envelopes can ensure that your mailer can create a path of long term profitability.


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