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Why you should invest in whisky

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So, you may have heard how George Clooney got even richer than rich through his Tequila company, but did you know that whisky is currently one of the hottest products to invest in?

In fact, celebrities like David Beckham, Drake and Bono have already put their dollars into some of the world’s luxury whisky brands. You can too!

Whisky meets a limited supply, which is why selected whisky brands are in high demand and are sold at extraordinary prices at auctions.

Whisky was first known as the water of life, or, for the fancy among us, Aqua Vitae. Originally, production started in Ireland and Scotland in the 15th century and was controlled by monks. Not so much anymore…

Whisky is now a huge commercial sector and has huge potential as an investment source. It’s truly a unique form of wealth distribution and if you feel the urge to try something new… try whisky.


Apex 1000

When it comes to single malt Scotch, there is one particular way to keep track of things and know exactly what the investment scene looks like. If you’re a whisky lover, you’ll have heard of the Apex 1000. If you haven’t heard of this, pay close attention now.

The Apex 1000 looks at 43,883 different bottles and has data on 423,788 records on different whiskies. All current prices can be viewed on a monthly, three-month, half-yearly and annual basis. Therefore it is essential you familiarise yourself with this if you’re seriously considering pumping some cash into the business.


Types of Whisky

Single malt whisky

This might be the most classic whisky you can get. You’ll know it as scotch, and it’s simply gorgeous. Single malts are made from malt, yeast and water. The flavours vary depending on their location of production so you really can taste different parts of Scotland! As an example, Speyside malts like Glenfiddich, which we’re sure you’ve heard of, tend to be light and sweet.

Grain whisky

This type of whisky is made from other grains, like rye, oats, corn or wheat. In terms of how it sits on the tongue it is a wholly different experience to the single malts we discussed above. Without trying to make it sound less worthy than single malt, grain whisky is more drinkable and less complex. It can be used nicely as a shot with a mixer. It’s not quote the same calibre as a single malt in that sense which stands so well on its own. Grain whiskies include Haig Club and Sovereign.


Two words. Jack. Daniels. Maybe the most famous bourbon around. Everyone has heard of Jack. It’s a cultural icon. Bourbon is a type of grain whisky made from corn that originates from Kentucky and Tennessee in the American south. It is oh so smooth and can be oh so sweet. It really all depends on the filtration process and the types of barrels it is housed in. There’s a real art to it.


These are not to be frowned upon at all. But you have to accept they sometimes don’t have the best reputation. This is wholly undeserved. Some of the best value in the whisky market comes from blended whiskies. Just because they are blended doesn’t mean that these whiskies are inferior. In fact, a huge number of scotches are blended at some stage. This is of course done by expert blenders. The result: more balance, more richness.

Whisky as an Investment

Whisky as an Investment Object – an Infographic by hotukdeals


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