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How to get a mortgage: the first-time buyer guide

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Mortgage set-up costs

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Alternative ways to get your own home

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Can I afford a home? How to buy a cheap house

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12 Things That Might Be Lowering Your Credit Score

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Buying property to make a profit

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How to get a cheap home through a housing association

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What to look out for when selecting a student house

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Savings – What to do with your money in a recession

Reading Time: 5 mins It’s now 2020 and the recession that started in 2008 is ... read more

Offset Mortgages: the mortgage you can pay off quickly and cheaply

Reading Time: 5 mins An offset mortgage can give you ultimate flexibility.  They still come ... read more

Get fee free, friendly mortgage advice

Reading Time: < 1 min Finding the right deal for your mortgage is important, but you ... read more

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