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Buying property to make a profit

Reading Time: 7 mins Buying property can be a good way to invest your money ... read more

Savings – What to do with your money in a recession

Reading Time: 6 mins It’s now 2020 and the recession that started in 2008 is ... read more

Offset Mortgages: the mortgage you can pay off quickly and cheaply

Reading Time: 5 mins An offset mortgage can give you ultimate flexibility.  They still come ... read more

Get a buy-to-let mortgage even if you’re 85!

Reading Time: 2 mins ..well sort of. Really it’s that the minimum age you need ... read more

Why paying off your mortgage is an investment

Reading Time: 5 mins Yes, that’s right…investment. Now admittedly, paying off your mortgage is really ... read more

London house prices – I give it two years

Reading Time: < 1 min Yet more evidence of the insane house prices in London ... read more

Pointless house price index

Reading Time: < 1 min The latest house price index has just come out from ... read more

First-time buyer mortgages – light at the end of the tunnel?

Reading Time: 2 mins I’ve been writing and talking about the difficulties the first-time buyer ... read more

Buy your own home with just a 5% deposit

Reading Time: 5 mins If you’ve decided its time to buy your own home you ... read more

Brexit, how will a ‘no deal’ affect your home and your mortgage?

Reading Time: 6 mins Brexit is supposed to happen on March 29th 2019. If we ... read more

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